Friday, 12 June 2015

Let's talk about the marvelous Mia..

So a few months ago I compared the facial brushes
Olay Pro
See original here: Mia VS Pro
I still stand by that outcome.
I love, love, love my Mia!!
She's an investment for sure, but worth it for me.
So have I mentioned I'm a procrastinator??
No?? Oh I must've put it off...
Ha. Ha.
I am, MAJOR.
You are suppose to change the brush head every 3 months...
Well its been close to 5 here yikes, and I am just getting around to doing it.
This is the exact Clarisonic I own, there are now numerous upgrades which of course look amazing but are terribly pricey so I will be happy if I don't have to upgrade for quite some time.
I purchased my Clarisonic at Sephora, and returned there to purchase my replacement heads.

However while browsing I noticed an online only offer 2x the replacement for $49.00 (still available as of tonight, June 11th 2015!)
So I picked up this little duo because...

If you purchase the replacement brushes on their own they're a hefty $31.00 a piece, I'm considering picking up a second duo before that deal is gone!

Now onto the point of this post!
I was interested to see how easily the replacement brushes removed/reattached, so I went ahead and filmed my very first attempt!

Enjoy XOXO
Happy weekend, happy weekend!

I beg you to not judge my *beauty* blogger knowledge based off my appearance in this video.
Beauty is on the inside and outside after all....
Let's just pretend I was having an extraordinary inner beauty day! ;) ;)

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  1. Girl you are too cute!
    I probably should get one of these puppies but my husband always makes these twisted faces when I tell him the price of these types of things. LMAO