Thursday, 4 June 2015

Let's talk about Happy Fri- DIY- day....

Happy Friday my little lovelies!!
Today I have another easy peasy DIY.
Like you could not mess this one up no matter how non crafty you may feel.
and people will think you're sooo crafty because, well just look and see..
^ First start out with a variety of glass vases
(or just one, but I think a variety of shapes and sizes would be cute so I threw the suggestion in there! haha)
You can pick these up at yard sales/ flea markets or thrift stores for so cheap!
Using painters tape, pick a spot and tape off.
(I would do a variety of different heights of the tape if I was doing multiple vases..
Or maybe your vases are so uniquely different you'll want to keep the tape at the same level so there's some camaraderie!! The possibilities are endless here folks, use your imagination ;))

^ Get your handy Liquid leaf out, this was picked up at Michael's Craft store for cheap + they always have coupons!
And paint the bottom section.
Allow time to dry...
^ Then remove tape and voila!!
Cost = pretty much non existent if you already have these materials hanging about the house.
I can't get enough gold everything these days..
I know as soon as my entire house is decked out in gold the new trend will come in and I will be stuck with a house full of outdated gold..
but I don't care!!
Gold's a classic you can never take that from me!

^ Other than that.. how cute are these little trinket holders from Winners Homesense!!
$3.99 each, we may have gone slightly overboard but how does one choose which to buy when they're all so cute!

^ Of course since my sister found them she got to keep the cutest one for herself..
how greedy I know.
Gem love!

^ And here's some photos of Elliott for good measure because he's been growing like a weed and doesn't sit still for 2 seconds anymore! He requires a whole blog post update of his own, that little hammy!!

Until next week!!
XOXO -East Coast Blogger


  1. Those trinket trays are darling and I want! Lol

  2. GREAT IDEA, but the pictures of your baby boy won me over! He stole the show!

  3. Wow this is a very cool and looks like an easy to do DIY! Also love the post title!

  4. Holly, beautiful blog and you have the cutest little baby. I'm showing my daughter your vase, now she will have something to do over the weekend, it's gorgeous!

  5. I love that vase with the gold added to it, gorgeous!

  6. The vase turned out great. I am a gold fan too and I LOVE those trinket holders :)

  7. That vase turned out great! I love transforming stuff with paint. And I'm obsessed with collecting little trinket dishes. I've got them all over the house to collect jewelry and hair clips.