Thursday, 30 April 2015

Lets talk about shopping MIC MAC MALL and THE purse...

Oh a short (I am embarrassed to actually say..) while ago, the lovely Mic Mac Mall located at
21 Mic Mac Boulevard
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Yup I know the exact address, I use to be your mail lady MMM :)
It was a good 4 years ago now but a mail lady never forgets a Mall address. (what just me??!)

Mic Mac Mall saw me drooling over their purses on Instagram and they generously offered me a giftcard to help get the purse shopping underway. I was so, so excited.
My sister (a permanent resident of Halifax, therefore my personal shopper) had been sending me photos for weeks! I had my heart set on a royal blue Kate Spade at Winners, it was a cross body, zip top beauty.

It was also sold by the time she went back to purchase.....
(now just a beautiful memory.)

Never one to leave a store empty handed my personal shopper (sister) found me a gem.
I had been wanting a black and white stripe bag forever! (at least as long as my sister owned her black and white striped bag, she had got at Target a few weeks prior)

She found me the holy grail..
She even said she likes mine more than hers!!
AH ha no trade-sies!

  ^ do these stripes clash with my stripes????
Are we alone in being stripe OBSESSED this season???
People must think I am always wearing the same outfit: B&W stripe top/black leggings..
because I own about 6 B&W striped tops! (leggings are probably the same ones daily)

^ This bag is going to go with everything!
Its the perfect size, large because I carry everything but the kitchen sink.
Its a zip up top so all the baby sookies, lipsticks and money scratch that I spent all my money on lipsticks..
Nothing will fall out while I'm bending over picking up Elliott.
It was the perfect price point for a purse I know will stand the test of fashion time, black and white is HOT HOT HOT!

In fact if you're familiar with your Kate Spades, my bag bears a striking resemblance to..

^ While I may be mad she missed out on my dream Kate Spade bag, my sister got back in my good graces by finding these STEALS. Glam glow eye masks marked down to $22! I cannot wait to test these puppies out! And a luxe navy tommy throw for $18 regular $69.99!
My sister tried to weasel her way into keeping the throw but I convinced her she owed me.

I apologize Mic Mac Mall for this post taking so dang long to get published.
I asked for purse photos a dozen times over, I couldn't wait to share this beauty with the world!

^ My sister is an excellent personal shopper, but she is no blogger!!
She is tardy to the blogging party so the photo shoot happened while I was home last week,
notice Nova Scotia's snow... ugh come on Spring!

^  Some finds my sisters found since, all at Winners!!

Winners has such a great variety of Kate Spades coming in all the time I have no doubt that I will soon own a KS beauty.

How often do you switch up your purse game?
A new purse for all seasons?
Do you go big price tag and keep it for years or go cheaper and switch it out often?

I'm a little bit of all the above.
I love my purses like I love my shoes..
pretty and plentiful :)
(since baby I've had to add practical to those categories too lol)

Happy Shopping!!


  1. So cute!!! I sell Stella and Dot so I get new free purses ALL the time :)

  2. So cute!!! I sell Stella and Dot so I get new free purses ALL the time :)

  3. Stripes are so popular lately. I have to think about them in my designs. Such a lovely outfit!

  4. super cute bag!! love it!


  5. Love that purse! So sweet of your sis to go shopping for you :) I have a black and white striped backpack (from Target) that I wear all the time, so I often wind up wearing strips on stripes without even thinking about it. I feel like stripes and neutral and classy, but a little more dressy than plain black.

  6. I have one expensive purse but my go-to's are more budget friendly. I'm not a huge purse fan so I hang on to mine for a long time. And you and your sister are so beautiful!! Wish my sister would shop for me.

  7. I love that bag! I love getting a great deal on accessories like that~!

  8. I've never considered a striped bag before, I feel like it adds so many outfit options along with it! P.S. your pup in your cover photo on FB is adorable

  9. Cute bag! It was a dead match for the first shirt you had on.

  10. I love the black and white stripe bag! Sorry you missed out on the Kate Spade purse but the one you have looks great too!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  11. Holly, you are just the cutest! I love the stripes on stripes! Flaunt it girl 💁

    Happy Girl, Happy World

  12. such a cute bag! I am really awful at switching up my 'purse game' haha. I could have the same purse for a year and be perfectly content!

  13. Love the bag! I am obsessed with black and white!

  14. Umm I love your stripes on stripes, haha!!! All of those purses though are cute... I need to up my purse game.

  15. So not a purse person! I use mine until they break and I'm usually pretty bummed when that happens...!

  16. 3 cheers for that bag! All the heart eye emojis!!