Saturday, 2 May 2015

Lets talk about crazy, lipstick and youtube...

If you know me in 'real' life you may know that I don't plan things before I do them.
I'm a BIG BIG fan of the "Lets just wing it" approach, luckily things have always worked out for example:
- When I started dating my husband, saw a guy at mutual friends house.. "he's cute, he could be my boyfriend" 9 years later its still working out...
- Our wedding.. No rehearsals, walk through, practice... nothing.
I didn't even want to met with the Justice of the Peace before hand,
"What's the point! We will see her the day of!" (the JOP herself and my husband made me meet her)
What's the worst thing that could've happened at our wedding??
There were a few fumbles but the guests were none the wiser!
- Having a baby. Just kidding I thought that one through, its another human. Our pets may be debatable, we do have 1 dog 3 cats... #onecatleadstoanother
- Starting a blog. I thought "Think I'll start a blog today." So I did!
Which brings us to today!!
Today I woke up and said "todays the day I film a Vlog!"
And so I did!!

I have been obsessed with these Maybelline Matte lipsticks since forever!
I already blogged about it here

While on vacation I got my hands on a second colour!! Featured left above ^

I love love love it! ^ this is at Midnight after a long day at the airport and no make up checks/ reapplying since early afternoon!

^ Crazy Cat lady starts a Vlog.. Great...

Pleaseee check it out and leave a comment either here or on Youtube
stating whether I've made a horrible mistake and I need to delete this asap or
if you want to see me continue to embarrass myself and film terribly awkward videos....

Surprise Saturday!!
Enjoy your weekend :)


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  2. okay a few things. 1. you are the cutest thing ever and I adore you and this vlog! 2. yayyy vlog! 3. I live literally 2.5 seconds from a Target and if you want, I can grab a bunch of these and send them to you?! (as like a yay for blogger friends care package thing)

    also, keep making vlogs!