Thursday, 23 April 2015

Lets talk about #coffeemyway, Wayfair and early mornings..

When Wayfair contacted me and asked if I was interested in sharing my morning routine with them my intitial reaction was...
A) Wayfair knows me!!! 
B) yes yes and yes!!!

The blog has been needing a spring pick me up post and mornings are hilariously hectic in our house so I am happy to share.. 
First things first..  

Puppies need to pee!!
(You might be saying to yourself.. "Holly that is a mighty cute pup but not as cute as your pup Marley! Where's Marley?!) 

We are still on vacation visiting my parents so this is our family dog Tillie! 
Tillie say good morning.. 
(She's not much of a morning person, it runs in the family...) 

Alright puppies been out, baby's been picked up, next stop baba and coffee station! 

I am such a coffee maker addict. Whether you use Keurig or Tassimo.. I own both! They make a mean mug of Joe and I need it ASAP in the morning. 
(I feel like it needs to be noted coffee in the morning, tea in the evening is how I roll. Anyone with me?) 

Babas been made, coffee in hand this is where we get a couple of snuggle minutes in every morning. Until... 

He realizes "hey that coffee looks and smells wayyyyy more delicious than this baba mom!! Gimme!" 

This is when baby hits the floor, happily baba contented with a tiny peek of morning cartoons and I snuggle in with my mug and cozy pillows allowing that sweet caffeine (with a little sugar and milk) to work its magic. 

Mugs in this house are a big deal.. 
You may say we have a slight collection obsession but there's something about a nice hefty mug full of warm something that I look forward to everyday. (Especially when mugs have cute sayings! But keep 'em short and sweet mugs, this is early morning my brain can't handle an essay!) 

Wayfair was so great to communicate with, they asked for nothing but my morning routine but of course I have to share a few of my favs from their website because not only is their website beautiful but it's full of beautiful things that I now want!! #beautybloggerprobs 

Anywho how do you all take your coffee? 
Tassimo or Keurig?
Coffee or tea?
Are your mornings hectic or peaceful and relaxing? 
Are you a mug hoarder? 
Tell me more!! 
Happy morning to you all! 

PS: Real life morning photos.. My pj wardrobe has changed from fun colourful pjs to all black everythang just in case I don't get dressed until noon.. or never that day.. 
I blogged about it here - PJ life 

East coast blogger girl 


  1. mm coffee.. I love the kuerig - it really does do wonders!!! and yes can I have a baby girl for that room too? Super adorable!

    1. The room is sooo cute!!! Pink and grey are my new obsession!
      Team Keurig for the win!! :)

  2. I prefer tea. Especially Citrus Mint Green Tea and Ayurvedic Chai from Teavana ***Heaven***! My hubby is a coffee drinker. Has been for years. The only coffee I can drink is from Dutch Bros. here in the states and even then I don't prefer it. If I had to choose between coffee and tea - tea would win hands down.

    And our mornings are hectic. We homeschool so it is downright crazy some days!

    1. If I was forced to choose, tea is my love too!!!
      I find I come and go from coffee but yea has been a constant in my life since being a little girl and drinking it with my grandparents :)

      Omgosh homeschool would be one hectic morning for sure! How many babes do you have?
      I'm already worried about just getting one out the door to school and he's only 9 months old right now heheh

  3. I love coffee. I can't wait to make some in the morning. I wish I had a keurig!!

    1. I am sooo not a morning person I need to be able to just press that little button and smell the yummy scent in the air!! Hahah

  4. I too have an obsession with coffee mugs, have you heard off Twinkle Twinkle LilJar on Etsy, they're amazing!

    1. I haven't but I am going here right now to check them out!!!
      Just the name alone makes me want to buy something hahaha. :)

  5. Lol yes to the reaction: WAYFAIR KNOWS ME!

    I had a similar reaction! Love love love that mug!

    1. I was like YAYYYYY I feel important. Hahahaha
      Wayfair has such pretty things!!!

      This is one of my favorite mugs! It's nice and deep and just so cute! It's from chapters/indigo. Does that exist outside canada? I'm such a sheltered Canadian lolol

  6. We love our Keurig. It even has it's own suitcase and has gone with us on vacation! Pitiful, I know.. but, nothing else tastes quite as good!

    1. Omgosh this made my day!!!!!
      I am sooooo that person who would have a suitcase specially for my Keurig too!!! Hahah :)) there's just something about it!

  7. Haha love this. Your mornings are really similar to mine! I have tried kicking the coffee addiction lately so it's been more tea or some kind of infused water for me + breakfast while Miss M is also eating her breakfast and watching Daniel the Tiger. I am not a mug hoarder, but I wouldn't mine adding this to my profile. :)

  8. Your mug is so cute!!! Coffee is the only thing that gets me through life these days with a five month old. :-)

  9. I can relate to ALL of this! I LOVE my coffee and pretty sure I wouldn't really know how to function without it. (I say 'pretty sure' because I've never actually tried to function without it). My Keurig is my best friend!

  10. I take my coffee "french press" style. Most days my mornings are somewhat relaxing. I LIVE in black leggings/yoga pants and tunics.

  11. MUGS!!!! i have such a bad obsession with them, and my cupboard space is slowly running out! and since i've become a coffee drinker it has only gotten worse.
    i own a tassimo, but when it dies i'm probably going to convert to keurig! so many more options + it's cheaper! :)

  12. I like your mug, a very nice positive way to start the day!

  13. Ha! PJ life, so glad I'm not the only one. :) And yes, I have been wondering about Marley, although that pup is also pretty cute. :)

  14. I swear the Keurig is a mommy's best friend!

  15. Oh my goodness, I am coffee obsessed and have one EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! We have a grind & brew and also a Nespresso! Love your morning routine & how fun Wayfair contacted you!

  16. Oh I was just thinking how much I am craving a cup of coffee... I gave it up about a month ago and I still miss it. I drink tea now, or just water in the morning... hopefully the craving for a cup of coffee will go away one day :(

  17. Nope, I am not with you lol I do not drink warm/hot beverages because I am some kind of freak of nature..