Sunday, 12 April 2015

Lets talk for the love of a good dog..

I know there's been a lack of beauty around here lately but we've had a lot on the go and been very distracted.
On top of everything we noticed our 6 year old golden retriever Marley had lost her appetite.. then she started vomiting.. 
We were hesitant to jump to conclusions because just back in September we had a very very hefty vet bill - xrays etc. which just turned out to be extreme gas from eating some doggy birthday cake.
We waited it out a couple more days but Marleys eye whites turned yellowish.
That was it, we were at the vet asap.
Blood tests, fluids, meds, they sent her home. Wait a week, hope for improvement.
She had her follow up appointment today, not improving.
Now they are keeping her at the vet for two days to get some more fluids in her and see if they can flush out her liver (that's what they think is the culprit).
Now I'm scared.
This is our Marley.
Our baby, our trouble maker, destroyer of everything for the first few years of life, our 6 year old who constantly gets mistaken for a puppy because she is so, so full of life and love and over exuberance to the point of extreme embarrassment (seriously its so embarrassing. I can't keep her excitement under control and she pulls me across the room to a crowd of people... embarrassing Mar, not everyone loves a 80 pound ball of fur licking their face!)
^ You know you're a pet lover when you take your dog for Glamour shots..
Marley 4 months old

^ She was so so tiny, that lasted oh about 3 days..

^ She is the needest animal on the planet!
Her best friend is our rescue Kitty Annie, they bonded immediately.

^ Birthdays, holidays, you got it babe! Marleys a part of it all.
^ She was so so so bad for the first year of her life, I was almost ready to call it quits.
No shoe was safe, even if it was put away in the closet!
No newspaper, nor mitten, nor carpet would survive!
She even ate a pen (see bottom left), and don't get me started about the time she ate my husbands wallet...
Do you know how much work it is replacing all your cards??? Thankfully we are poor, he only had a $5 bill in there - which was shredded.

But then there's this ^
She's suppose to be here for many more years to teach Elliott and grow with him.
To walk him to school on his first day and cuddle with him every night in his big boy bed.
The love that she brings to our family is indescribable.
She is the most patient, kind and gentle soul.
I know every dog owner says this but she is the best dog in the world.
So tonight go hug your pet a little harder, give them that extra treat and that extra kiss goodnight.
Do it for Marley, the worlds best worst dog.
^ If you've seen the movie/book Marley and me
then you know we could not have picked a better name for our Mar
She's a Marley through and through
^ When Marley met Elli
^ You mean its staying??!

Will keep you all updated on Mars condition
Keep thinking about her
East Coast Blogger Girl

PS - so happy to say this post was written a few days ago and it went from bad to worse but now its good, so good! So don't fret, go give those extra hugs and kisses! I will post an update on Mar soon.


  1. I really hope that Marley is okay. My dog is almost 7 and I had Sydney after getting her. I know how integrated your pup is in your family, so I know this is hard. I'll keep you guys in my thoughts!


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  2. hope he's okay. I have a dog so I know what its like to be all worried about them. I treat him as if he was my own child.

  3. I hope Marley is okay!! I'm currently cuddling my pup right now.

  4. Oh man Holly, I hope everything turns out alright.
    We don't have pets right now (cause my kids are all I can handle), but we always had animals growing up and I know how hard this can be.
    We had this sweet cat that we had rescued from a shelter and she started getting really sick when she was 5 or so. Wouldn't eat, didn't want to drink, her eyes also turned yellow and after some vet bills, he determined it was her liver and really, all we could do is either put her to sleep, or let her pass at home. We opted to bring her home, certain we'd lose her soon. She kept to herself for several days, hiding out in the backyard, barely sniffing the water and tuna water we'd leave out for her. Then, all of a sudden one day she started eating again, came back in the house, and made a full recovery. We always joke that she had to use up a couple of her 9 lives for that experience, but that was over 10 years ago and she's still kicking!
    I hope that it's not Marley's time yet and you still have lots of fun years with her!

  5. Oh my goodness, I'm so glad I saw the PS at the end!!! We too had a couple of scares with my childhood pup. She eventually passed of old age just before I started college. So, I understand your connection with your sweet Marley! I'm so glad things have gotten better and I hope they continue to stay that way!!!

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