Friday, 10 April 2015

Lets talk about Beck and Boosh...

Happy Fashion Friday my friends!
Last week I posted a photo of our family wearing our Beck and Boosh Home t-shirts and I was surprised at how many of my Facebook friends hadn't heard of the Home T!

I had been eyeing up these T's for quite sometime.. 
I first stumbled upon them before Christmas 2014. I saw photos circulating on fb of them being sold at a mall kiosk, I specifically remember this because I asked Santa for a family set.
I can't hold it against Santa for not bringing us the T's, my list for Santa was pretty hefty and I guess he had to narrow it down...
BUT after Christmas I was eager to order our own Nova Scotia HOME shirts, so I did!

The first thing Nick said about his was "I LOVE the feel of these tshirts!"
Honestly he said that.. I can't make this stuff up!
(well I could but I wouldn't, would I have told you about my head rash if I was in the business of fake stories hehe)

The T's are very soft, non clingy and my favorite no 'extra bulk'
The fit is true to size, for the men/unisex version Nicks wearing a Large (that's his norm).
If you go with the ladies slim fit version make sure you up it a size, I went with the XL to be safe and its perfection.

Since I love Beck and Boosh (I follow them on FB, Insta and frequent their website.. not creepily, I'm a beauty blogger its part of the job!) I reached out to them to see if I could blog about my T and asked if they had any additional info. They were quick to reply and lovely to chat with, they let me know that:

  • Each Shirt is 100% designed and printed in Nova Scotia (YAY East Coast)
  • They will be launching new "amazing!" tanks in the upcoming weeks available in CB, NS, NB, PEI, & NL versions
  • The T's are available at all Pseudio locations across Canada and at Masstown Market
They also are hoping to expand locations and attached this poster

Did I mention they also do jewelry??!

Oooooh the jewelry my bread and buttah!! Everyone who knows me knows I am an accessory fanatic! I haven't placed my jewelry order yet but rest assured I've been eyeing up a few gems - take a peek here, here, here , here,  here, here, oh and here just to name a few ;)

We were super pleased with our T's NS is always close to our hearts and now its literally close to our hearts thanks to Beck and Boosh! So check them out it makes a great gift for our loved ones near or far!

^ We are amateurs with the Pix stick... Can you tell??? 

^ Elliott: "Home? what is this home you speak of??" NS Lelly! Rep it!

^ Tried to get this boy to model, but it was like wrangling a herd of cats!
I got a few cute snaps out of him anyway :)

* this is not a sponsored post, I really do love what Beck and Boosh are up to and you know promoting Canada, East coast, Nova scotia especially is near and dear to my heart. Their T's really do rock.

East Coast Blogger girl 


  1. Love the shirts but I've got to admit the onesie is this best! Haha. I need a selfie stick in my life! Where did you get yours?

    1. I know right, he's a ham!! Hahah
      I ordered mine on Amazon, they had some good ones on there I went through the reviews. I ended up with the Pix stick because it fits the iPhone 6 plus and it doesn't come with a remote it just has the button on the handle and links up through blue tooth.
      I feel like I would lose a remote constantly! Lolol

  2. Such a cute family! My husband is so picky when it comes to t-shirts, constantly turning them down if they aren't comfy enough. Happy Friday!

    1. Mine too!! It could have any design in the world on it but if it's not comfy he's not having it hahah
      Happy weekend to you! :)

  3. Supporting local is great! Always a plus when they're super comfy t-shirts.

    1. Im such a sucker for things from home! Anything with my home province on it is my weakness! The pro is jobs close to home, so it is win win!
      happy weekend :)

  4. Aww! I love all these sweet family photos, especially the 'real life' ones where not everyone is looking at the camera. So funny! =)

    1. Real life photos are my favorite!!! Anyone on the Internet can look perfect! I find real stuff so much more entertaining hahaha
      Enjoy your weekend :))

  5. LOL! Love all the photos. Looks like lovely fun chaos and it made me smile to see them. I'm a huge supporter of local business and I think it is great that you plan to be a return customer for them.

    1. Hahaha getting one nice photo out of 200 is a major win for us!
      I love local business! Their product is awesome and keeps jobs close to home. Win win! :)

  6. I loved those shirts when I saw you guys in them for the first time, so cute. :) And I love that you used the term "herd of cats", because I use that to describe the chaos of wrangling kids all the time!

    1. Hahaha Justine, it is soooo the truth!! I can only imagine photos in your house, the wrangling must be near impossible but I think that makes for the best photos!! :))

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks Tiffany!! They're so cute! I'm a sucker for anything home town.
      Enjoy your weekend! :)

  8. so cute! I want one :)

    1. Carmen they're really cute!! Now I want more!
      Happy weekend to you :)

  9. Thanks Courtney!! Family pics are always a good time here hahah
    Enjoy the weekend lovely!

  10. First off, ADORABLE photo's! The family ones are cute and the lil guy is so handsome! Also went to check out Beck and Boosh! I love their products and they are decently priced as well! Thanks for the great share, have an awesome weekend!

  11. Great post, Holly! Your son is adorable!