Thursday, 16 April 2015

Lets talk about tarting it up...

I feel like you may just want to call my blog Hollys Lipstick Life from now on because I can't get enough posts about lipstick!! I can't stop wearing it, swatching it, blogging it!

I'm embarrassed (and excited hehe, lipstick hoarder) to say my collection has grown so large that I forget what I have and end up wearing the same lippys day after day because they're the ones on the top of the pile.

I need a new lipstick organization solution... Anyone have any suggestions??
I'll show you my collection in another post but right now they're all piled in a basket...
and over flowing a little dish..
and in one of those individual lipstick holders..
 and falling out of my purse...
 and on top of my microwave... ok I LOVE LIPSTICK!

^ Picture this but with lipsticks

So I stumbled upon my Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick and was like "OH YEAH!!"

Gave it a little testy run for a few days and remembered how much I LOVE Tarte lipstick! (Well Tarte anything) The lipstick is soft, creamy and as the name suggests buttery. Its a beautiful everyday wear kind of lipstick - stays in place, swipe and walk away.

I have the shade Tulip but looking at the website there is about 7 other shades I now want to get my paws on! And the packaging, its a paper/cardboard packaging which I normally don't love but this is just so cute and makes me think earth friendly.

Have you tried Tarte at all??
What about the butter lippys??
Love it or leave it??
Comment below

Also do I have any Pretty Little Liars fans in the house????
This may be a bit delayed but seriously that finale???
WHAT?? Just what???

My sister sent me this buzzfeed about it and its so funny don't be intimidated by the 143, its a quick read (but saucy, NSFW unless your work is super laid back PLL fan headquarters.. or A's lair..)

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  1. Hahahaha. Love it. I haven't yet tried Tarte products but I absolutely love that packaging. The color looks so pretty on you too!

  2. AH! I'm also a lipstick made me want to go out and buy Tarte! I've seen it pinned on pinterest every now & again...but it looks AMAZING on you! Love! <3

  3. Never heard of Tarte, but it looks nice and creamy! Hope that you're able to find an organizational scheme for all of your lipsticks. haha!

  4. I haven't tried Tarte yet, but it looks great! Also seriously considering flying to Newfoundland to get you to give me a makeup lesson, yours always looks amazing! Lol

  5. I LOVE Tarte lipsticks, love the floral print on that one and the colour looks great on you!! :)

  6. I have a lipstick obsession as well. I definitely need to figure out some storage as I am bound to buy more. I totally get the addiction. I have been wanting to check out more Tarte products (I love them). The lipstick looks amazing on you!!

  7. I haven't worn "real" lipstick in years, I'm more of a simple tinted chapstick kind of gal. But now I really want to try this! I just looked it up, and Ulta carries it so I think I'll check it out, thanks for suggesting!

  8. I've never tried anything from Tarte (yet), but I hear their blushes are amazing and now I want to try this lip butter! The packaging alone is so pretty. I am a full-fledged lipstick junkie. I keep my in a little organizing bin from Target. Haven't worked out a better system than that....

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  10. Replace with 'blush' and you'll have my exact sentiments on BLUSH AKA LOVE OF MY LIFE (ok, probably not that dramatic, BUT WHATEVES) (But seriously, I own both of Tarte's blush palettes + a few singles so it's...a real problem)

    Tulip looks SERIOUSLY GORGEOUS on you, and I've been so close to buying 'Coral Blossom' a few times now, but I've never bit the bullet (heheh) because 1) apparently the paper packaging sucks, and 2) overpriced for what it is according to some people. BUT THEN AGAIN, SHEER LIPSTICKS/LIP BUTTERS ARE MY THANG, SO THEORETICALLY, THIS LIPSTICK AND I SHOULD GET ALONG.

    Also, thanks for leaving comments on my blog! TV IS LYFE. (And I wish I was an east-coaster! The amount of snow you guys got are valid reasons to stay indoors for extended periods--something I am far too happy to do!)

  11. Oh!! I've tried Tarte before & I loved it! This shade looks glorious on you... all the heart eyes! <3

  12. hahahaha I love that you used a GIF from the Spice Shelf commercial. DYING.

  13. I've never tried tarte but it looks soon pretty. I too have an obsession with lip balm, lip stick, lip gloss, tinted lip balm - you know. haha. I can't get enough!