Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Lets talk about photoready and the groundhog..

Oh my what a week eh?
The highs were very high and the lows were very very low...
but I'm not quite up to releasing the details yet so you'll have to stay tuned..
(don't you hate it when bloggers do that !?!!)
Normal start to the week with Monday night Girl guides
Monday also happened to be groundhog day!
so that was pretty exciting as I arranged for the town librarian to come in
and read us her very own book!
She had written a story back when her children were young about
groundhog day and just recently she had it made into a book!
Very neat, she bought in all the paperwork from the steps she took trying to get the book
published etc.
It was a fun night! 
^ I made some mini cupcakes and stuck a 'groundhog'
aka teddy graham popping out of each!

^ sticking to the groundhog/ the we love to eat theme
I also made these little pudding cups with oreo crumbs
and a teddy graham groundhog!
2 of the cups I threw a extra groundhog in so the girls had to dig through
the puddin to see if they were the lucky double groundhog winner!

^ Judys book
On another topic the other day I was watching my usual Youtube videos
and came across something
very interesting..
Judy from 'its Judy time'
 (also from its mommys life & its Judys life, busy lady)
was reviewing the Revlon photoready airbrush effect.
and it totalllllllllly brought me back!
I use to be obsessed with the Revlon Photoready foundation,
I wore it for 2 years.
I loved the feeling and coverage of it, I was totally sold!
Until one day...
and I can remember it like it was yesterday.
I was sitting in my car about to walk into work
I pulled down my car visor mirror and checked my self.
I don't know how it went 2 years unnoticed but there is a major major glitter factor added
to the foundation. I remember I went home that day and was done with the Revlon photoready.
I mean for G's sake I worked outside!
It probably looked like Edward Cullen was delivering the mail.
Since watching Judy's video
(see the video below)
 I was tempted to dig out my
photoready and do a test run for the blog..
Soooo see below.

^ I tried to angle the bottle to capture the gleam but its a very very fine glitter!

^ It actually looks great! (IMHO)
I totally remembered why I loved it but as soon as you walk outside..
^ I tried taking selfies in varying degrees of sunlight
none of which showed the glitter in full force
So if you need more evidence go take a gander at Judys
review, we both came to the same sad conclusion.
Good try Revlon but
Cullen face is soooo 2008!


  1. Omg those little groundhog cupcakes are SOOO cute! And yes, I see the same in the makeup! ahhaha Still pretty

  2. those cupcakes are ADORABLE! I love them!! good to know about the makeup. I don't see it in the selfies, bu wow. glitter in the makeup... hard pass! LOL

  3. LOL! That's hilarious... and also, those cupcakes are adorable! What a great idea!