Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Lets talk about the beauty and the blender..

The buzz around the beauty blender..
where to begin??
Being a avid beauty vlog watcher I began hearing the word 'beauty blender'
tossed around quite a bit so I popped myself over to to see what the dealio was.
That's when I saw the dealio was $19.95, I said aweeee hellz nah and closed the window.
$20 for a little piece of sponge???
I have always applied concealer and foundation with my hands,
there was a brief moment when beauty vloggers convinced me to try a foundation
brush to apply with but that moment was short lived.
I found the foundation brush left my face streaky..
I (still) don't really understand how a brush can give you a flawless finish.
Maybe I needed a high quality brush... but anyway I gave that up and went back to finger application.
I always liked using my fingers because I felt the foundation was more even, getting it
closer to my hair line and down the neck was a breeze.
Alas there came a day where I received a 10% off coupon for Sephora and some how
a beauty blender made its way into my basket.
At this time I had also long ago picked up a 'no name' beauty blender at Winners for $8.99
but  had never got around to using it.
So the battle of the blenders was born!
All through November/December 2014 I decided to rotate the sponges
(and try to take photos!)
so I could give a final verdict on which (if any) was the winner!!
^ the original beauty blender $19.95 at Sephora

^ a no name beauty sponge $8.99 at Winners

^ ignore any baggy under eyes!
 its unavoidable these days, I've come to accept it

What do you think???
Can you crown a winner???
Because I truly couldn't!!
The makeup application was very, very similar for both.
What I did notice was that the more expensive beauty blender was a little lighter,
when you wet it and squeeze it out the sponge felt very light and fluffy.
The beauty sponge felt a little more dense,
like a muffin that the batter was over mixed just a tad.
Still delicious but heavier feeling.
Other than that the one major win to come from this experiment was the fact
that I have now 100% converted to a makeup sponge lover!
I use my blenders every single day,
I cant stand the thought of applying foundation with my fingertips!
My fear of the blending sponge adding to much extra time and maintenance to my beauty
routine was completely foolish!
It takes almost no extra time to run the sponge under water and squeeze.
I rinse well when finished and place it back in my egg cup (see older blog post)
to dry. I only wash my blender with soap when I wash my brushes.
Another pro to using the blending sponge is that you use less makeup!
the first time I used the sponge I placed a big Ol' dollop
of foundation on the back of my hand,
I only ended up using half of it!
So if you're in the market for a blending sponge my honest opinion
is that you don't need THE beauty blender.
Especially if just starting out, you don't know if you will like the texture of a sponge application
and $20 is a steep price to pay for such a little sponge.
That being said I will re purchase the beauty blender when mine gets worse for wear,
but I will also pick up an extra beauty sponge to have on hand!
And now that I'm a convert I also want to pick up the Beauty Blender baby sponges.
 I think they are the perfect size to get into under eye problem areas plus they're just so cute!
 They're $17.95 at Sephora so they remain on the wishlist..
signing off! XX

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