Thursday, 12 February 2015

Lets talk about expiration dates..

Does décor have an expiration??
For me - 100%!

I feel like there is only a certain amount of time something looks good for.
Then you wake up one day and go..
"WOAH, when did that situation get so, um, homely...."

Not to be confused with Homey: cozy, sweet, feels like home.
Homely: not attractive or good looking

I think style expiration dates can be different for everyone
 for example:
My mom has an obsessive painting and redecorating gene.
(she is probably going to call me now and say "That's not true, womp womp womp..)
(go on mom you know, I know, people know..
 you love to redo, redesign, repaint, there is no shame in it)

She is constantly updating and painting things so she never hits that
"omg, I didn't know that looked so bad" phase.

My expiration is more around the 4 year mark
That's when it happened in our last home and this houses is steadily approaching.
I don't have the time, energy, gumption to redecorate on a frequent basis
so I leave it fairly similar for long periods of time
until it reaches the point of NEEDING to be updated ASAP.

See scenario #1

^ The wall in our porch area/leading downstairs.
Its been nearly 4 years since I've done anything with this wall..
And I think its safe to say its showing its age.
The middle art piece (?) is severely sun faded on one side..
the others are odds and ends that I mainly hung on pre-existing nails,
its kind of looking a hot mess.

^ Nick modelling mirror placement for me
 So I'm currently in the process of thinking up a redesign,
I'm also trying to 'shop my house' so I don't have to spend any money.
I would love, love to get the hallway repainted.
We are at the point where your house starts feeling
wayyyy too small, everything nook seems cluttered and you're faced with the decision
either do a major paint/purge overhaul
you'll just have to move.
Fortunately we will probably will be moving,
so sorry to say but I don't want to dish out the cash for fresh paint
if I'm not going to be the one to enjoy it.
So that's that.
Do you ever just wake up and say to yourself
"when did my house become so shabby???"
and you want to move asap so you can get inspired again..
Please tell me I'm not alone!
On a completely different note
do you guys believe in ghosts??
Because I'm telling you ever since we moved into this house
there is an Orb that appears in
I don't think its a mean or nasty ghost in any way!
I believe in spirits and I don't get a weird scary vibe
at all in our house but it is interesting how it shows up in so many pictures.
Check out the photos below and tell me your conclusion!
^ Just a few of the Orb pictures from over the years,
spirit energy? or just light tricks? hahahh


  1. I'm the same way about redecorating... I get tired of something after a couple of years and then get frustrated when I don't immediately have the money to go out and replace whatever it is I'm tired of!

    Okay the orb thing is a little strange! But as long as it's a friendly ghost, you're probably okay!

  2. Loved this! That is awesome that you hung the stuff on the wall where there was already nails. Best thing ever!!! I don't go through expiration dates with my decor as much as just changing my mind. I like the homey feel, then I want a simple look, it becomes too cluttered, then not decorated enough, too much color, not enough.... it could go on. I have always said I decorate too much and need at least 3 houses to be able to change up on a whim. I have too many ideas! I also need more hours in the day for the extra home's, no big deal. Oh and that possible ghost/orb thing is weird. I don;t know what it is but it is weird it has shown up so much.

  3. I think expiration dates on decor are very real (my grandparents' 1970s house comes to mind...). Everything needs to be updated once in a while!

  4. oh no ghosts! haha.
    Nick looks thrilled to be modeling for you.

    AND, yes the mother's day mom exchange over at Sweet Turtle Soup is open to Canadian residents! We'd love to have you join!

  5. We are in the middle of decorating ourselves and we feel the same way..husbands make great mirror models

  6. I totally agree - decor has an expiration date! I mean, what looks good in 2008 doesn't look as good now, ya know? Even if it does look good, the walls get dingy and need a fresh coat of paint, or that mirror you loved is a bit... "loud" now!

  7. I feel ya! Sometimes I set up decor that I LOVE and then wake up one day and decide it looks completely awful and can't believe that I lived with it for so long!

  8. I love decorating, I try to aim for more timeless and classic pieces so that I don't have to change anything that often. But I do rearrange pieces often. Maybe your ghost is friendly :) and that's just his/her way of saying hi lol

  9. I try to rearrange my house a lot to keep from getting bored with a certain look. I also 'shop' my own house. I have a closet set up with lots of decor stashed out of sight so I can rotate things in and out (usually with the season changes). I also love thrift stores for finding inexpensive art and knick-knacks on the cheap. Also, cracking up at those orbs. My husband totally believes in ghosts. I do not. Haha! =)

  10. Oh, man... this post just gave me the itch to redecorate and paint. My husband is going to be annoyed... LOL

  11. I LOVE redecorating! Not only do the objects have an expiration date sometimes it is just a season that is coming to an end and redecorating is needed to clear out the old self and to create new beginnings! Looks great, thanks for sharing!

  12. Yes, decor has an expiration date!! Fads and colors come in and out of style and your own personal style changes. What you may have loved 5 years ago has suddenly become tired looking... maybe a new coat of paint or a change to a different room can help spruce some things up! Have fun sprucing! :)

  13. I don't ever redecorate...or decorate. ha. We've lived in this house almost 8 years and it has very little décor, especially when it comes to the walls. I guess if you don't put it up then it doesn't change?? Ha!

  14. I've never stayed in one place for 4 years in my adult life, so I'm actually kinda jealous of you! My version of redecorating is more along the lines of unpacking ;) If I were in one place for four years though, I'd probably feel the same way. And that's smart to shop your own house. I love a good budget makeover!

  15. Yup, I think decor has an exp date for sure! Speaking of that I have to rearranging and purchasing to do! Ha

  16. Yeah, why is that?! I'll love something and then all of a sudden one day I'm like, "um, did I really think that looked super awesome?"
    Also, the orbs I've seen a bunch, but those two in the lower left and right boxes, those blue lights are interesting!