Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Lets talk about Mary-Kate and Ashley..

Omg doesn't that just bring you back..
My girls MK & A
In fact I'm going to let you in on a tiny secret...
 I still have this MK & A hair texturizer I purchased in 2002..
(Insert Monkey emoji with his hands over mouth)

I just can't bring myself to throw it out!
They had THE BEST hair of the 2000's..
^ that perfect beachy undone hair!!
I know... I know...
Anyway bringing ourselves into current day
I am happy to announce the sisters are back in the beauty world
and I HAD to get my hands on some of their stuff!

On a whim I cashed in my Sephora points for the Elizabeth and James
Nirvana White perfume..
I like it.
I don't loooove it,
If you're not much of a perfume wearer I can see it being too much,
It leans toward old lady scent and has a deep musky side to it.
 I did some googling after that and it seems more people
like the Nirvana Black..
I got my sister to buy me it for Christmas and I have to say I agree
with the majority.
Its still a strong perfume but its is lighter and fruitier,
more of an everyday wear perfume hands down.
Overall I'm not a huge perfume wearer anyway..
where can you even wear perfume anymore??
(I feel like I'm saying a lot of WHERE and WEARS in this blog post)
but I am really glad I own both
I guess its just the hoarder inside of me who loves to own things,
especially things made by my childhood idols..
I'm even tempted to buy the full sizes just because I love
the packaging so dang much!
^ I just LOVE them!
Alas I won't
because that would be cray...
and because I'm still working on this Marc Jacobs
I purchased almost 2 years ago..
I was reading the small things blog years ago and I remembered Kate saying
on her wedding someone gave her the advice to wear a new perfume.
Then for every anniversary, special occasion afterwards you could wear your
wedding perfume and it would take you back to that day.
Well I thought that was lovely advice,
how romantic and sweet..
So on my wedding day I wore Daisy by Marc Jacobs.
Yeah, very quickly I realized I'd have to be married for 3055 years to ever get
through this tiny rollerball of perfume so I may as well wear it everyday.
Screw special occasions!
I don't find my memories are connected to scents anyway
but it is a nice thought.

In other news I just cant stop laughing at Elliott backward
crawling his way under everything... 
The boy is on the move but not in a traditional crawl,
he's more into army crawling/roll around/reverse movements!
Its so funny!
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  1. You, my friend, made my day with this post!! I LOVE MK& Ash. And I may or may not have a lotion that I bought in 2001. (I don't use it anymore, it just smells like my youth and I can't bring myself to throw it away...) xo!

  2. Lolol too funny!!
    MK&A fans for life!!! :)))

  3. I need to get that little rollerball. I travel a lot and perfume is a struggle to pack.