Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Lets talk Kate, Mac and the disappearing man..

I just so happened to get an email the other day
from MAC for free shipping -
excellent! because I had been eyeing up
some lipsticks..
I decided to go with some classically popular shades,
Rebel, Plumful and Ruby Woo.
The Plumful was back ordered but I received the other two this week and
gave them a quick test run.
I don't know why I am so enthralled with bold lipsticks,
 I barely leave the house let alone go places that require a
bold lip colour - but c'est la vie!
Right away I noticed
Ruby woo was almost a dead ringer for Kate Moss for Rimmel shade 10!

The main difference, Ruby Woo is matte and Kate Moss isn't
however the Kate Moss has such a subtle sheen that after applying a lip liner
 and wearing for a few minutes it becomes a hybrid matte.
After a couple of hours wearing MACs Ruby Woo
I noticed flaking, there was fall out both above my top lip and below
my bottom & it didn't hold up well VS.
the food and drink test.
When I wore my Kate Moss lipstick
I ate supper, drank water and hours later the lip colour was still in place
and highly pigmented.
 Rimmel lipsticks cost $6.98
MAC $19.00
So if I was only picking up one..
Rimmel for the win!
^ MAC Ruby Woo left - Rimmel Kate Moss shade 10 right
Ok so do you guys have a good side for photos??
I am learning I tilt my head in this direction ^^
 When I face the camera head on my eye brows are wayyyy
 differently shaped and it drives me!
I never notice them being so different in real life but in photos..
In other news Elliott has started this new trend of causing me a heart attack at
3 o'clock in the morning.
The first time I looked at our monitor in the middle of the night and didn't see
him I hopped out of bed like a bullet, ran into his bedroom..
and found him happily wedged into the one teeny tiny corner of the
crib that's not visible by the camera.
After that it quickly became his new thing and he sleeps there every night.
I suppose I could move the video camera but I have the feeling
wherever the blind spot is will forever be his favorite spot,
the little bugger.


  1. I need to wear lipstick more, well really wear make up more. I am always loving the looks when a woman is done up and fancy with lip stick. I don't know if I can go bright red with lip stick, but trying it would be fun. Also, that had to have been terrifying with your disappearing baby. He is just making sure you still don't get a good nights sleep ;)

  2. First of all, you are gorgeous and bold lipstick looks great on you! Good to know about the Kate Moss lipsticks. I am definitely picking up some next time I am at the store!

  3. Love the Kate Moss lipstick! I really love the shades of red that they produce! And the fact that they sell them for under $10 at walmart is a nice bonus! Thanks for the test run on these too, defiantly know which one I will be wearing! Thanks again!

  4. Great review and compare...

  5. Thanks so much for the lipstick tip. I don't wear red often, but when I am feeling sassy I really like to go bold, so that is really helpful info! Sorry about the crib situation. That would freak me out too. You are probably right though about the blind spot. Kids have a way of being sneaky like that ;)

  6. That shade of Rimmel lipstick has become my everyday color! It suits so many different skin tones and adds so much sass to any look.

  7. So very pretty! I really wish I could pull off red lipstick!

  8. I wish I could pull off a bold lip color like that! You look gorgeous! And yeah, an empty crib like that would freak me out!!

  9. I love a gorgeous bold red like this. And good eye spotting the dupe of it right away!