Monday, 16 February 2015

Let talk Julep, Julep, Julep..

When I first tried Julep I wasn't over the moon..
I mean it's such a tiny bottle and it costs $16 (!!!!!)

$16 and after my first attempt the polish seemed a little thin and streaky,
(brought me right back to my first impression of Essie Polish)
however being the mail loving freak/beauty blogger I am
I had already jumped the gun and signed up
for Juleps monthly parcel service:
Julep Maven
aka they send you a monthly parcel with $40 worth of product but
it only costs you $24.99
If you sign up for a minimum 3 months subscription then it only costs you $19.99
Soon my Julep collection grew...
And a strange thing happened..

My love for Julep started to grow..

^ Example of the monthly box

I mean there's still things that annoy me about Julep,
Such as..
why do they have to send a box bigger than a case of pop
for two tiny little boxes of nail polish???

^ This box was HUGE and full of paper crinkles..
The size of the box does not impress me Julep,
it didn't change what was inside and I am
too much of a tree hugger to get behind
sending that much packaging for something so tiny.

The most annoying thing about Julep is the bottle shape!
Why why why that shape??!
It's sooo unsteady
 I can't turn my back for one second on a uncapped bottle of Julep in a house FULL of cats, dogs, babies and husbands!
Are you nuts Julep???!
That bottle is like a leaning tower of Jenga! 
The pros about Julep..
Colours, colours, colours!
They are really in the know about what's hip in the nail world,
you can get very pigmented colours, or totally sheer and
every once and a while they throw you a extra surprise like a lip gloss or eye liner.
So do I think being a Julep Maven is a major splurge??
But considering there's 2 million monthly subscriptions for makeup products out there
its nice to have the option for something different.
Not everyone needs that many sample size mascaras
but what gal doesn't love getting a couple of full size nail polish on the monthly!
For Christmas I bought my sisters each a 2 month subscription,
I bought and wrapped them a bottle of polish (to have something to actually give) &
then they received an email on Christmas eve saying that I had gifted them 
a subscription and to go to the website to set up what type of Maven box you want.
I'd like to get it as a gift,
they'd better have liked it.
Sooo it also makes a unique gift for that picky person in your life :)
Happy Polishing!

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