Friday, 6 February 2015

Lets talk the battle of the balms..

Are you always searching for the perfect balm??
I am.
Its a thankless job (come on lips would it kill ya to thank me)
and I've yet to come across the holy grail.
Alas see below for some favorites and some disappointments.
(do I say alas too much?? I should probably pick up a thesaurus..)

^ Soft lips/chapstick/lip smacker
All classics, we love them, they work great in a pinch but are they really deep moisturizing?

^ I received this lip conditioner in my last months Julep box
I got excited but my excitement quickly faded as soon as it touched my lips,
its a great gloss, really smooth and watery texture.
I love the metal applicator tip, it feels so cold and I love that
but the product is not particularly 'conditioning'.

^ Lip Service from Lush of course the lady was really selling it
but Lush employees seem to be the most eager employees to ever be employed
amma right?
They're just always really excited about their product..
If you've ever used a homemade lip product you will know the texture,
solid but warms on your finger and becomes really watery.
I like watery lip balms
however the lady said it magically healed her cracked lips overnight.
I wouldn't go that far..
but I did like it and it was nourishing.

^ Bite Agave lip mask
I had high high hopes for this,
bloggers/vloggers alike seemed to say this was the holy grail.
I was soo excited to try it out and whomp whomp
I didn't wake up with magically refreshed lips.
Its thick, its a pretty colour, its veryyy sticky
which is kind of annoying for a sleep lip mask.
For the price jump - $26 yikes!
I don't think I would repurchase.

^ I just can't help it, I keep going back to the tried and true!
All the other lip balms in the house but I would always reach for either
the Vaseline lip therapy or EOS lip balm.
When I use either of these over night I feel the difference in the morning
my lips feel hydrated and nourished.
Its a tie for now
but I loooooove balms so the hunt will continue!
*I know there's been some controversy with a photo
of a alleged mouldy EOS floating around FB.
I've been a EOS lover for quite some time and have never
had a problem so maybe its a isolated incident.
 I'm not sure but I'm not jumping ship yet!

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