Monday, 26 January 2015

Lets talk schedules and the big boy room...

Well, well, wellllll there has been a lot on the go as of late..
I'm not sure why but for some reason I have this reputation for being a homebody
aka everyone thinks I'm a hermit who never leaves the house.
Honestly my family, friends, people around town think this..
I always get the
"are you new in town????"
Its so freaking annoying
because I have to answer with the
"nope! been here almost 4 years"
I'm honestly not sure why everyone thinks this..
I guess I just blend into my surroundings,
but the truth is my schedule is majorly full.
Lets just take a peek at this upcoming week..
I have Girl guides, a baby group, a doctors appointment, a scrapbooking retreat..
I have a student/friend/ex girl guide who has been coming over once a week to hang out with Lell
 for a bit while I'm home. Its been AWESOME, she gets a little child care experience and I get to
head to the basement to tackle the laundry or clean the bathroom or write a blog ;)
Also this week I'm hoping to take a road trip to 'shopping ville'
 because we are in desperate need of a few things before Target closes,
this said shopping is 2.5 hours away (each way!) so a trip
will take up my entire day ughhh.
Some of the needed things are a highchair and a new big boy car seat, any brand suggestions????
Oh then there is just the regular homebody stuff that I love to do on the daily!
Like watch my shows (tv is my passion), read ma blogs (another passion),
treadmill (non passion but I do it), face time with my mom 7 times a day (she calls me!), hang out with Elli belly.
Pretty full schedule just sayin'
Change of topic:
We finally decided to move Elliott from our room to his bedroom!!
I will admit when the public health nurse told us that they recommend babies sleep in their parents room until around 6 months, I thought to myself 'YAH RIGHT!'
'6 months! he ain't sleeping with us for that long, he's got his own (expensive) room!'
Alas the months came and went and Lelly never moved..
Well he did move from a bassinet to the pack and play but it was still next to our bed.
The months just went by so fast and he was still waking up in the night for a feeding so it made sense.
Since he's been getting bigger and able to life his body we were too nervous to leave him in the shallow pack and play any longer.
Introducing the big boy room!
There was no big ordeal,
one night a couple weeks ago we just put him in his crib and he's been there ever since!
He didn't miss a wink.
In fact he LOVES LOVES LOVES his crib!
He rolls around and doesn't cry in the mornings at all,
he just pleasantly throws his sookie in the air and looks around at all the stuff in his room
until we go in and get him.
Looking back now we probably could've made the switch months ago but I 
thought it was going to be this big 'DON'T LEAVE ME' cryfest.
 I was also waking up probably 12 times a night and looking in the pack and play
to make sure he was breathing.
it is a mental illness.
 I'm terrified he will stop breathing while sleeping!
SIDS has completely got grasp of my fearsome personality and has me waking up every hour.
 Surprisingly since Elliotts been sleeping in his own room
my nervousness has gotten much much better!
I still wake and look at our monitor to watch his chest rise and fall
but I swear its probably once/twice a night at most! ;) 
^ HI MUM!! morning, how do you do?!! I just love this crib. 
(sometimes I imagine Elliott speaks with a British accent, nbd)
^ just playin'

^ Where's my baby?? this kid is like 7y/o and chillin'

^ He loves our pets so much and selfies..
 he was watching a video of himself with Annie
So anywho now that the pack and play is gone
I finally get my space back in our bedroom and I can't wait!!
^ My makeup vanity was blocked in for the last 6 months
now its freeeeeee. Whooo hooo,
Toodaloo! XX

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