Thursday, 15 January 2015

Lets talk about a hoarders paradise..

So its been a week since we returned from Christmas vacation
and I can FINALLY see the light at the end of the tunnel.
I don't know about you but when my house is in shambles
I honestly cannot cope.
I had a to do list a mile long but I didn't know where to start.
I could not focus on any one thing because
there was just too many things!
Its a vicious cycle.

I have always had a love for things.
I just love, love, love things!
I started collecting stuff for my own house at a very young age.
Example, these cappuccino mugs below I bought in grade 11..
I kept them in my closet until I got my own place.
The hoarding gene is real people.

^ picked these little pretties up at Silk & Satin
Anyone remember that store??
I think it was a sister store of La Senza and also had some random
housewares/trinkets for sale on occasion.
We actually use these all the time and they're in mint
condition for being 12+ years old.

So the bathroom hoard was looking a little bleak after the holidays.. 
My skincare products have changed so I had to reorganize, refresh and
figure out where to keep my beauty blenders.
The problem is where do you keep a sponge you need to use
and wash everyday??
^ They were just chillin' in their little packages

^ Egg cups!!
This way the sponges can dry properly and when shrunk just slide into the cup.
I had these little egg cups in the cupboard for years!
How often do you really need a egg cup anyway??
^ Now my bathroom is stocked and tidy!
Well that one little corner is...
To do list:
735495086213536738 things to go...
UPDATE: I got majorly motivated and attacked the Christmas décor pile
that had been accumulating at the bottom of our stairs.
Christmas Décor mountain is now happily reinstated in the storage room.
^ Christmas Mountain
Until we meet again!!!
I feel the weight lift off my shoulders already,
now if I could only get my luggage unpacked fully
maybe I could finally get back to regular scheduled blogging!

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