Monday, 12 January 2015

Lets talk about a sexy mother pucker..

Soap and Glory
Soap and Glory
Soap and Glory..
I was sooooo happy when I saw Soap and Glory had made its
way to Canadian Shoppers stores.
(Maybe its not new to Canada ?? but definitely the first I've seen on the East Coast!)
Now that being said, they have yet to make it to Central Newfoundland Shoppers..
^^^ Like this is legitimately the closest Shoppers to us.
 And its over an hour away.
The entire make up section is about half an isle long.
I knowwww
We are living like animals here in NL!!
Anywho so when I get home to Nova Scotia I relish in the beauty
of the bright shiny Shoppers Drug Mart isles.
I was surprised that Soap and Glory only had a tiny selection on
an end cap but I'm guessing Shoppers must just want to test it out (?)
I love the cheeky names on the products and wanted to purchase everything available
but had to restrain myself since all the items are quite pricey!
I went first to the Sexy Mother Pucker clear lip gloss because
you can never have too many lip glosses!
I've used it for a few weeks now and I like it!
- I like the packaging
Love the black bottle, I've already used the gloss over top my lipsticks
 and I'm sure there is a nasty mix of shades in there.
(See picture 3, that sponge came white)

^ see shine
- I like the shine
Its your typical shiny sticky lip gloss
but I like that, I just like it.
(Don't wear on a windy day with hair down!)
The claim to fame is that its a plumping lip gloss
and plump it does!!
As in it burns.
It burns and tingles and almost pushes you to the point of asking
"should I see a doctor???"
Don't kiss your baby whilst wearing this lip gloss
seriously I almost did, a couple of times and then went
because he will cry
your husband would probably cry if you kiss him
this is the type of tingle you can only stand
because its in the name of beauty!
 ^ It makes your face do this
at least that's what I feel like
 your lips feel so swollen
 perma duck lips
 I'm happy I purchased it,
its nice on its own or over any lip colour.
I would really like to get my hands on some of the
body wash/moisturizers but they were around $25 each
I did pick up this little eye cream
I am not ashamed to admit that I've been noticing some major under eye issues as of late,
we are talking bags, bags, bags + dark circles.
It is not pretty.
 I guess that's what comes along with turning 28!
This one is still in the tester stage stay tuned..