Saturday, 17 January 2015

Lets talk about my life expectancy and a great lipstick..

I need to get something off my chest before its too late..
I think death might be after me.
Its like I got off of a plane that was suppose to crash or something..

For the last few days strange things have been happening,
firstly this.. 
There were knives everywhere!!
I barely escaped losing a toe!
Then this happened..

Walking into the bedroom
when Elliott's wooden activity mobile tripped me.. it came out of nowhere
I went flying across the room!
I swear it was not near my feet when I started walking!
Then I went downstairs to grab the laundry
 while walking back up the stairs carrying the laundry basket my toe stubbed..
the laundry went flying and my head rocketed towards the wall.
Luckily I braced myself with my hands before any major head trauma was caused,
but I feel like I should be looking over my shoulder for the grim reaper...
Very very suspicious..
next topic..
I have been on a one women mission to find the very unfindable
Creamy Matte lipstick from Maybelline.
I had screen shotted this photo MONTHS ago because not only
did I want to find the lipstick but I really wanted to find this
exact colour -> Divine Wine.
I searched Newfoundland high and low to no avail.
When I got to Nova Scotia I finally had a tiny break through
while at Target (see we need you Target!).
I was checking out and on a end cap I spotted
 the Creamy Mattes I hastily grabbed this one -> Mesmerizing Magenta
foolishly thinking Shoppers Drug Mart would have a wider selection.

When I got to Shoppers I was devastated to see they only had a tiny display
and all the good colours were sold out.
I asked the beauty counter salesclerk
 'what gives??'
She said they only got in a small sample selection to be test sold in Canada.
I then very shamelessly asked if I could purchase the very used
tester lipstick in the shade -> Craving Coral
because it was so gorgeous - I was willing to be that freaky.
She said 'unfortunately they don't have sku bars for testers',
or some similar excuse that they say to keep the insane people (like me) away.
Sadly I'm now back in Newfoundland with only one Creamy Matte to my name.
I always had mixed feelings toward Matte lipsticks..
I'm just such a gloss girl, I love me some shine.
But so far I've been loving my Mesmerizing Magenta!
- Once its sets you don't have to worry about it ending up on your teeth
(although Nick did come home from work and ask what happened to Elliotts head
as he had a very suspicious purple mark above his eye..
 FYI it was a kiss mark not a bruise! so there is still a slight transfer even once set.)
- formula was long lasting, 3+ hours
eating, drinking, baby kissing before I needed to reapply
 - It didn't settle into my lip creases
So if you can find them.. consider the creamy mattes!!
And pick one up for me! hehe

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