Friday, 16 January 2015

Lets talk about baby's first food..

QOTD: When do you start your baby on solid foods?
Don't ask me because I have no idea!
I do know we waited too long but no one tells you these things.
You could google it but even then all you get is
annoying all over the map answers.
"Oh my baby started solids at 2.3 months!!"
"Oh no no no no my baby will not eat solids until exactly 12 months 47 days!!"
So what about my baby???
I was kind of under the delusion maybe the public health nurse or family doctor would
call me up on the magical day and say
"Hey todays the day, enjoy some baby food Elliott!"
However that didn't happen,
so around Christmas we bought a box of starter baby cereal and went for it!

 CHA CHING he loved it!!
You can spy that video here but we warned its probably long and boring
to watch unless your his mother..
Which was really no surprise because for the last couple of months
everything Nick and I ate Elliott was dying to get his hands on.
(That should've been my first clue as to him being ready for solids,
but hello first time mom!)
Every morning when I ate my cereal his chubby little fingers were eagerly
trying to make their way into my bowl.
Since Christmas and the baby cereal going over so well we figured
we would move onto the next step - Pureed veggies.
Of course I dutifully called up the PH nurse and got her advice,
she said Elliott could have Veggies, fruits and meats.
Yup meats already!
She went through everything with me on the phone for about 20 minutes
but honestly its very common sense-full stuff.
Ex: She would start him on veggies first
 because if given the choice most people would rather fruits
so get him use to veggies!
Only introduce a new food every 3-4 days to check for allergies
etc. etc.
The only questions I really had were about things like strawberries or more
allergy prone foods, should I hold off a bit on those type just in case
and she said 'Nope!'
I guess unless you have a very severe allergy running rampant in your family everything is fair game.
So the next day we blended up some carrots in our yard sale find but like brand new
baby bullet and away we went!
I did not research recipes, no googling was done prior
I just cooked some regular old carrots soft and blended them up.
I'm pretty loosey goosey with this mothering thing. haha
If you want to see his reaction, check out the video below! :)
(but please un hear my god awful annoying voice)

Finished watching??
If so you would've seen, HE HATED IT.
So tomorrow we try it again
and then in 3 days maybe we will try some peas!
I'm dying to know how he will react to meats
so I think chicken will be on next weeks menu.
Although he spit, sputtered and gagged the entire time
he actually did get through most of the carrots in the bowl
so hopefully he's just going through the adjustment phase and
 he will LOVE veggies down the road!

^ He's also starting to hold his own Baba now
 which I looooove
it keeps him happy and gives me
 a little freedom.
 I still have my eyes on him like a hawk because
he will tip the bottle upside down and play in the waterfall -
but none the less a step forward!
When did you start your baby on food?
How did you know it was time?
Was it love or hate?
What foods did they like/dislike?
What baby food recipes have been a hit??
Message me with answers if you have any?
We're completely wingin it!

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