Thursday, 30 October 2014

Lets talk top knots..

Oohhh Hair..
isn't it just a love/hate relationship..
So you know when you're like one day away from seeing your hair stylist and your hair is just sooo uncooperative/annoying/ridiculous you don't even know if you'll make it those last 24 hours without completely hacking it all off in fit of pure madness. Yeah I'm right there, luckily I see that glorious hair stylists face tomorrow praise G.
I woke up this morning had second day hair, had errands to run and said "hmm what can I do with this mop" (seriously I said that in my head, there is a lot of stuff that goes on in my head hence why I thought starting a blog would be such a grand idea. Just set alllllll those thoughts free)
Disclaimer: I have no professional hair training I am just a regular gal whose happened to have a lot of hair her whole life. So I understand the long hair don't care but really I do care daily struggle.
 I started with, lets try the double pony day time talk shows are always bragging about.
*You know this thing, make your hair longer and fuller illusion pony.
I stole this image from google search, however I'll link this website in case any of you want to try the double pony illusion. (I hope that's how blogging stolen google images works... give cred, &we're all good?)
The double pony does not work on me, a regular pony DOES NOT WORK ON ME why do I keep trying it. I need more height I need more puff, my head just ends up looking flat and lopsided and blaaaaaaaaaah is the best I can do to describe it. So I do a top knot, everyday I'm top knotting... today however I looked in the mirror and I had two ponies. I thought "hmmm let me just try..." and BAM the double top knot was born (on me, I'm sure its been invented by many others before me I'm not trying to take cred for an entire hair movement or anything..)

*Easy Peasy and looks like you've put slightly more effort than just a single top knot.
Sorry there is no step by step photos for this, I legit did it once and walked away. Its not perfect but it was decent and that's all I can ask for when the chore list is a callin'.
So my hair managed to survive another day and tomorrow I see the Wizard..
The wonderful wizard of hair!!
Stay tuned Bb's!!

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