Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Lets talk about Revlon...

So is there anyone out there actually reading my posts.....?
Anyone.... Anyone??
No.. OK well I am still Blogging forward.
If you read my last entry about lip colour, you may have noticed I didn't actually say what lip colour I was wearing in my shameless selfie. I did this on purpose! To keep all you millions of readers coming back for more! So here it is..
*Revlon just bitten kissable lip stain
in the shade "Smitten"
I love love love these lip stains, well I only own two but the two I own I love and I am not opposed to owning more! They glide on so smooth and the colour is immediate, one swipe and you're good to go. If you want more you could do one more swipe but I would stop there, you don't want to have clown lips! They have a tad bit of shine but if you're a glossy girl you can add a clear swipe of gloss over top for that little bit of extra glam. That's what I have featured in the shameless selfie (which I will post again for those who didn't see) a swipe of Revlon lip stain and a swipe of Buxom gloss over top. This was not a fresh application photo, these lips had already been to the grocery store and now heading out to fill up our water jugs at the community water spring, yup I live in Newfoundland Canada there is a fresh water tap on the side of the highway, pull over and fill up them jugs my doll!
                                                                Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain


*just the collection of lip products I keep in my purse at all times

*I keep them in this adorable little IPSY bag from you guessed it IPSY!
More posts to come about IPSY if you haven't heard of IPSY.. (where have you been!)
 Google it my friends.
Google to your hearts content

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