Saturday, 25 October 2014

Lets talk about blogs...

Specifically lets talk about how hard it is to start a blog..
or lets not!
Because it just took me 3 hours to figure out how to post something in the "about me" section. WHAT.
Yeah its almost midnight, I've had a very very cranky 3 month old baby boy for the past 48 hours and I'm freaking exhausted so maybe this whole blog thing wasn't the best idea to start at 9pm however its created now, so lets take a breath and move on.

Lets keep things short and sweet, I'm Holly I love to google & I love reading blogs. I write exactly how I speak, its a lot of rambling and won't always make sense. My brain thinks faster than I can type and my spelling is atrocious.

Now that that's all out of the way, welcome, thank you for visiting! Come back again and maybe there will be something interesting going on.
For now I will leave you with a adorable picture of my son he's currently three months old & passed out in dream land ATM. And I am about to go join him! :)

Elliott 6 weeks old
* If this photo doesn't make you want to come back and read my blog, you must be the Grinch himself!

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