Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Lets talk Pumpkin Patches..

So its near the end of October 2014..
How did that happen??
However it came about, Summer is long gone and beautiful Fall is in full swing. I don't know about you, but in our house that means time to hit up a pumpkin patch asap. If they weren't so dang expensive in Newfoundland I would have at least 25 pumpkins floating around our walkway/steps leading to the front door. Alas I had to settle for 6 this year (I had been smuggling them home for weeks, Nick didn't realise we already had 3 at home when I picked 3 more up at the patch! muahah) So 6, plus 2 bags of mini pumpkins smuggled over from Nova Scotia, and I was this close to adding a squash to my collection until the cashier at the grocery store said:
"you know this is $9.00? do you still want it??"
 Yup she squash shamed me and I couldn't be that person who spends $9.00 on a decorative squash after she called me out on it so I said:
"Oh my $9.00 (gasp), No No I'll put it back"
 This was our first year visiting a pumpkin patch in Newfoundland, it was a sweet little farm with all kinds of fresh vegetables and really lovely people. Unfortunately we waited too long and the farm had already taken down its pumpkin displays so we had to get some (lamer) photos with the leftover pumpkins, *sigh I only have myself to blame! So next year we will be hitting them up earlier to catch those pumpkin people, plus Elliott will be just over a year old then so how cute is that gonna be?!
*Classic baby in a pumpkin patch pic

*Spot the squirrel?
*Momma and bb

*Fam pic


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