Saturday, 25 October 2014

Lets talk about Housewives..

I am actually a impostor.. a housewife impostor.

I am acting as a full time housewife, but normally I work outside the home. I am a postal worker have been for 9 years (that's a story for another time). When I think housewife I think, homemaker, stay at home mom, my Nanny, a beautiful loving, supper on the table every night, house cleaning, kid raising type of lady.

I never wanted to be that.
I didn't have the burning desire to stay at home and cook and clean and raise kids. I didn't even want kids at one point in my life (obviously I now have a baby so that changed).

When my husband got a "good" job we had to move to another province, we had to leave family & friends, I took a leave of absence from my job for 11 months (this was before baby). I almost lost my mind. I like working, I went to university for a year then got hired at the post office and have loved it ever since. So how am I ever going to make it as a mom & housewife?? I ask myself that question everyday.

Now that we have a baby we made a choice, I'm not going to return to work full time. When the time comes (in 9 months) I will only go back part time. Well if I'm being honest its not just the baby that made that choice, the last 2 years I have been working part time. When I'm working part time, the house is cleaner, the food is healthier, and we are a less stressed couple because of it. We have been extremely lucky to choose that path. We would have considered the husband being the part time house spouse but his work doesn't give the option of part time (plus he makes more money, so theres that $cha ching).   I said it before I had kids and I'm only more convinced of it now, being a house spouse is the toughest job in the world.

So now the secrets out, I am a impostor.
I am trying to manage everything but not really managing anything, the days all blur together, some days I can pull myself together and sometimes I don't change out of my pyjamas for 48 hours.

All I can say is god bless Canada and their 1 year Maternity leave because we are three months into being housewife/mom and things are barely under control add postal worker back into that sentence and life is going to get even more cray cray.

Obligatory Elliott photos

Lets just take a minute to look at that face

Are you a house spouse?
Are you a outside career worker and a house spouse?
How do you do it???
Tell me your tricks of the trade!

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