Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Lets talk about Beauty Box 5...

Soo I've recently developed this expensive addiction.. Called subscribing to monthly things.. all sorts of things.. beauty products.. magazines.. I mean I always loved getting things in the mail (who doesn't!!) Plus I work at the post office and I'm loving these monthly subscriptions to keep that mail flowing ya feel me. However its a dangerous slippery slope, once you get one subscription you want more and more! So every time you open that mail box there's a fabulous surprise waiting for you. Yup its bad... but anyway..

First I signed up for IPSY then I had to try Beauty Box 5, this way I can compare them to see which I would like to stick with long term.. makes sense right.. ? right...????

Without further ado here is my first Beauty box and you know what I was very very pleasantly surprised, I feel like Beauty box doesn't quite have the following IPSY has (its seems every girl on my Facebook was on that dang IPSY waiting list). I thought Beauty Box may be cheaper quality products and maybe they are... Not so high end lets say, but everything I got this month I am really happy with!! They're really useful items, take a look and judge for yourself.

*I tore into that puppy the second I left the post office!
(we have a Po Box so I have to drive there every day to get the mail, can you say annoying..)
*Upon further inspection you can see there is (from right to left):
-Nail Polish
- Chap Stick
- Instant Wrinkle Reducer
- Cheek/lip Stain
- A Extender Tool
I was automatically drawn to the nail polish, I don't know why.. its not my typical nail colour at all. I feel like blue is a terribly hard nail colour for a grown women to wear, isn't it? I don't know why, blue is gorgeous but it makes me feel like I'm 12 years old when I see it on my nails.
However I had it sitting on my kitchen table for a few days and it was calling my name! So on it went and I am impressed! Its a full coverage polish, even still I did three coats (because I'm obsessive like that) but you can stop after two!
And the shade is really really nice!! Its a pale blue which I would normally equate to Spring time wear but its almost a Winter Blue. Maybe even dare I say it a Frozen inspired shade??
*I like it, I really like it
Next the Chap stick obviously a no brainer you can never have too many chap sticks around the house, car, baby bag, purse, bedside, wherever. So check, love it.
The Instant wrinkle reducer I haven't opened so cant judge, stay tuned for that.
The Cheek/Lip stain, oh how do I feel about you? First off I am not a fan of combined stains so I think my review will be biased. I did open it I swirled my finger in it and swiped it on my lips. It seemed dry.. that was that I haven't tried it again. (It may be fantastic, I will give it another shot down the road)
Now the BEST for last, the Extender Wand. O. M. G. where have you been all my life!!!! Such a simple invention but will save me so much time and money in the long run. I can't believe I've never owned one of these before/didn't even know they existed! So many times I've found myself sticking a Q-tip into a bottle trying to get that last bit of foundation or what have you and now I have actual tool, with proper length and a little mini spatula to get that last drop! LOVE IT.
I also loved how Beauty Box included this description card of the items you received (something IPSY lacks) 

FYI this is the price list for Beauty Box subscriptions copied from the website:
You can sign up for whatever plan you'd like! The products are the same, and the only real difference is billing and how much you can save. Monthly subscriptions are $12 a month, but you can save $6 if you go with a quarterly subscription ($30), and you can save $45 if you go with the yearly ($99).
*Shipping is free for US residents and $3 per box for Canadians (booo)
So if you're not convinced check out Beauty Box 5 yourself and let me know what you think.
Do you get either Ipsy or Beauty Box?
Do you think they're worth the investment?
Let a girl know :)

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  1. This was SUPER helpful!! I'm going to check out the Beauty Box for sure :)