Monday, 27 October 2014

Lets talk about lip colour..

Whether you're a lipstick gal or not there is no denying that lip colour is IN IN IN and probably not going anywhere for quite a while. Gone are the days where a bold lip was only appropriate for those in the fashion biz or maybe a fancy Christmas party. Bold lip colour is acceptable most anywhere.. running to the grocery store, the dry cleaners, grabbing a coffee with a friend, YUP there is a lip colour for that!

Now I'm still working my way into the big, big world of lip colour. I adore swatching it, buying it and hoarding it at my house, however I am still timid when it comes to wearing it! Why why why whyyyy do I do that when I just told y'all how acceptable it is. I guess in part its living in the middle of nowhere Newfoundland, walk into Foodland wearing a fierce red lip and those little old lady heads are turning faster than they would if you did the same in Halifax (the big city for all you non Canadians). And in part its lacking the confidence, I'm not a centre of attention kind of person I like blending into the back round.

So all these lip colour thoughts really came flooding in last week when my cousin sent me a text
"what's a good Mac lip colour?"
 Next thing I know my massive lipstick collection is dumped out on the bed and I was (pleasantly) surprised at the colours I forgot I had. I had got so comfortable in my day to day peachy pinks I had forgotten about my bold colour collection. As I looked at the bright colours, the reds, orange and purples, I fell back in love with a bold lip!   *(especially for these dreary Canadians months coming up.. a pick me up lip colour is definitely in order!)

Morale of the story I vow to break out those bold lips more often. Move over little old lady, fierce lips is here to buy milk!

*Shameless selfies!
Heading out for groceries that day
- Do you love a bold lip colour?
- Do you dare to wear it on the daily?

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