Sunday, 26 October 2014

Lets talk automatic save features...

Automatic saves..
Can I get an AMEN!!

So I was here typing away as bloggers do.. Remember I told you my brain is thinking faster than my fingers can keep up with. I looked up and it was gone...

Over an hour of work and links, and googles and thoughts, ALL GONE.
So I panicked, I thought about throwing my laptop out the window. Then I  took a very deep breath tried to remain calm and guess what it worked! I found everything! Some how I clicked away from the page in a mad typing frenzy but thanks to Blogger being a heavenly angel of a blog site they had already thought of people like me and made an automatic save every so often.

Thank you thank you thank you Blogger for saving me from a major blogger meltdown, I could kiss you!

Now onto my next question.. How do you post links in blog posts??????

For real!!! I see the link button up top, I think I'm linking up the link but when I preview the post the link does not work its just a word in bold. Someone for the love of G help a blogger newbie out!

My son loves a good face blankie.
This is currently how I feel.

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