Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Weight update: 36 weeks...

I can't believe I'm at 36 weeks..
it seems so close to 40 weeks when you say it out loud but it also feels like the NEVERENDING life.
I just want to wake up in June already!

I know I should be patient, but I am getting so anxious to see Elliott and his sister together. It's funny because I know he has no idea what's in store but at the same time we've talked about the 'baby' so much and told him so many times that soon she will be here, that he is totally expecting something.

Last night he asked me "where baby go??" "baby go home??" and I say again she's in my belly and he shrugs it off like 'uh huh, yeah there's a baby in there.. crazy lady'

He even blames random things on the baby and he will pull up his shirt, exposing his belly and say "there's a baby in there". Its so cute.

I went to the doctor two weeks ago and went again this morning, honestly there's not much to report!
I was down one pound two week ago, total weightage: 186 pounds.

This morning I was prepared to hit the big one, I thought for sure I would've jumped up at least 7 or so pounds, I can feel the weight in my belly, my face, and of course my hands and feet are swollen.

I've also noticed my appetite is back, hard and heavy.
Even when I feel 'full' because my stomach is so squished full of baby that I hardly feel I can fit anything in there, I still feel hunger.. It's weird and freaky. lol

I've had the same cravings the whole way through.. whatever is bad for me: burgers, pizza, desserts, she's not one bit interested in fruits, veggies, or chicken.. yuck.

Weirdly, I didn't get a single stretch mark on my stomach until the day Elliott was born.
I remember being happy no stretch marks popped up that whole time (thighs and butt are another story) and then the day after Elliott was born, I looked down and I had one evil little purple squiggle starring right at me.
It was practically attached to my belly button ring scar so it looked a little more heinous than your average stretch mark too. This time I figured stretch marks were for sure in the cards but so far all that's showed up is a little one attached to my faded Elliott mark!
If you look at the above photo you can sort of see the faded old mark and the newer addition just below my thumb. Since that one showed up so late with El, I am wholeheartedly expecting a new grouping to pop up sometime about 3 weeks from now.. but I'll be fine if they feel like staying away ;)

Other than that, completely regular run of the mill stuff..
I have HORRIBLE heart burn that shows up every night now, every single night!
It keeps me awake all night and I keep forgetting to pick up the tums, so the doctor wrote me a prescription today but she said she finds Gaviscon works great and to give that a try first.
My vomiting has been back hard this week as well, some mornings I can't get up at all. I just lay there hardly blinking hoping it will pass, most of the time is subsides enough for me to move from the bed to the couch and throw some toast and berries on the table for El.
Completely uncomfortable, peeing every second, no position to ease the aches and pain, horrible sleeps, nightmares, carpal tunnel.. all the usual stuff is in rotation.
but all I can say is 4 MORE WEEKS, 4 MORE WEEKS, 4 MORE WEEKS...

I have 200 blog post ideas and 5 dozen emails pending.. I want to get it all out to you asap but I don't know how people keep up! AND, Elliott goes to daycare 2 days a week!

I should be powering through those days and quit complaining but by the time daycare days roll around I normally have an appointment booked, its the one day I actually make food that doesn't come in form of sandwich or box.. then its get him home, supper, bath, bed and big brother for me. hahahah

You could challenge me to give up my tv (mainly reality tv.. ) addiction but you would LOSE that challenge. 30 years in and TV is still the love of my life.

I have to see the Doctor every week now, which is going to be completely
I thought I would only have a couple of doctor dates left, forgot that they move you in every week at this point and that doctors office is heat is set to 1000000 degrees!

I love being cold, I love it, pregnant or not, I live for a nice crisp 10 degrees..
I know that's insane to some people.. well people put on a sweater!! lol

The doctors office was set at 23 degrees today and I was about to pass out, throw up and scream all at the same time.. I had to go stand outside and had everyone checking me out as I looked like I was about to smoke a cigarette out front of the OB GYN.

it was so funny to see everyone craning their necks to get a glimpse of me (there was at least a dozen heavily preggos in there) but then I caught the eye of one lone lady and she knew what I was feeling.
I could tell, she gave me the silent nod of pregnancy heat stroke.


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