Friday, 5 May 2017

Bedrest bookclub: Wildflower by Drew Barrymore review..

OK, let me preface this by saying.. I am THE harshest critic that ever lived.
Nothing satisfies me.. literally nothing.
Something could be 99% perfection but because its not PERFECTION, I would score it 75%..
so lets just keep that in mind. lol

Also, I want you to know I LOVE Drew Barrymore.
I mean, I love her.
She can do no wrong to me, no matter what I had to own this book.
I could be filled with empty loose-leaf and I would have to have it.

Wildflower was released last year, I ordered it Here - from Amazon. ($30 hardcover)
The cover is GORGEOUS, the way its written is perfect, it feels like the way I write...
not exactly A+ material but you can hear the words coming through in her voice and it feels genuine.

If you love Drew like me, you'll know her past is CRAY CRAY.
little baby on E.T, crazy teen, absent parents, pulled herself together, became kick butt power women..
so those were the stories I expected to read about, and at first I couldn't put the book down!
for 3 days I read every second I could, I got through about 2/3 of the book, then I jumped ship...
the early chapters about her youth were amazing and captivating, stories about moving around with her single mother and taking acting gigs to pay their bills, then emancipating from her at 14? 15 at most, was so interesting!
I loved the stories where she relived some of her wilder moments..
cue flashing David Letterman.
but 2/3 of the way through and she still doesn't reveal any dirt or even hint about her drug use etc.
she kind of skirts around it but doesn't leave any actual evidence on paper.
which I understand..
I'm sure her kids will read this when they're older and you don't really need every detail of your parents 'pre- you' life written in stone.
but as a reader I was slightly disappointed.
I wanted truth, top to bottom.
As I was getting closer to the end the chapters started to get a bit draggy..
you know when you have a life changing moment but on paper its kind of like "yeah, life changing moment in India"
......... good for you, hard for us readers to REALLY feel it.
I think more photos would have been a HUGE help!
I'm a very visual person so photos in autobiography books are the key to success for me.
then the chapters started being titled: Dearest Olive, Dearest Frankie etc.
Call me cold but I get so bored with these style writtings! lol
I have a son and I'm mushy/pure sap when I write in his baby book but that's because he's going to be reading it and we know each other (obvs lol) so its all sweet and teary.
I don't get the same reaction reading other peoples "dear ...." letters.
It's all "you're so amazing, stubborn but beautifully unique. when I held you for the first time.."
Yeah, yeah. same emotions here with my kids but lets keep it to a paragraph maybe.. ?
am I the only one who feels this way???
man, I feel cold right now....

sooooooo, now that I've made Wildflower seem like a snooze-fest..
I'm going to tell you, you should still pick it up!
just be warned, its not a down and dirty tell all.
Its a sweet read, an easy page turner and something light hearted for the casual airplane trip etc.
I read a ton of reviews AFTER I wrote this post, because I didn't want to be swayed by any of their words.. but it turns out we all thought the same thing.
worth a read but if you can, borrow from the library or a friend because its not a multiple reads kind of story. (unless you just think books are so pretty and you MUST own them.. that's how I feel)
1 1/2 thumbs up to Drew..
You get a whole thumb just because I love you and 50% of the book was a real draw you in feel, so that's winning enough for me.
Any one have any different thoughts????
did you LOVE it??
or kinda the same feelings, worth it but not drool worthy.
Now to bore you with my own mother/child boringness! LOL
maybe I should have saved this for another post, I'm such a hypocrite!
but if you need a Mother's Day gift, this My Quotable kid journal is just so cute!
I'm slightly confused because this version linked above says the book is $42?!?!?
ummmm what?
is that a bigger size than mine or something?
because I would have never paid that price tag!
You might be better advised to check it out in store, Chapters is where I picked it up.
I am a cheapo! and would've made my own version if that was the price.. so there's another idea!
You could 100% get a blank journal and have your kids or youself (perfectionist talking) decorate it with some sharpies and washi tape!
either way.. cute gift for mom!


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