Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Moroccan Oil: Where to Splurge and where to SAVE...

It's no secret that I LOVE the Moroccan Oil line..
I just do. I love every product, I love the smell, the results, the options.

I've done a ton of research on the brand because some people say its not that good, its full of fillers/silicones and not really penetrating like they would have you believe...
well, I say I don't care. lol

I find it very helpful, it works for my hair and I'm sticking to it.
so with that being said, you know the comparisons below are also pretty high quality/have good results if I'm saying they can be interchangeable with my beloved Moroccan Oil.

In the event that I become a millionaire and can splurge all the time on hair care, I would probably choose the Moroccan oil consistently.. but right now we had taxes due (paid in. ugh), and a winter/summer tire change cost, so I'm cutting a few corners and saving a couple of dollars this month.

Here's where I've spent and saved:

These are ALL empty.
I told you, I really love all their products.

I damage my hair A LOT.
I'm a colour addict, I had my hair extensions taped in, I use hot tools daily (multiple tools, think blow dry, straighten and curl in one sitting).. but some how my hair is still in amazing condition. I'm not just patting myself on the back, people really do tell me all the time that I have very healthy hair.. the hair experts say it, so it's true lol
I think the main reason is because I use a hair mask REGULARLY.
When we say regularly, we mean practically daily.
Whenever I use just plain conditioner I feel like its not enough.. I can notice the dryness/static.
so finding a hair mask for daily use that isn't going to weigh my hair down or grease it up was important. I stumbled upon the Intense hydrating mask ($42 online) and never looked back.
It makes my hair so shiny, healthy and smells great, my favorite is the hydration option (brown lid) but I've also tried the Restore (orange lid), shocker it wasn't as hydrating haha.
Since I'm saving some ben-ja-mins..
                               ^ Our would be, almost, future Prime Minister. Eh, Canadians ?! ;)
I picked up the above L'oreal remedy hair mask and was shocked!
It was the first hair mask I saw in store, I was in a huge rush, grabbed it.. low and behold I really love it! I know L'oreal has really stepped up their hair game over the past few years and become a bit of a salon star in their own right.. so I'm not that floored that I like it but it was just luck that this exact container was at the right place at the right time!
I found it online, Amazon L'oreal hair mask ($16) but I picked mine up at Lawton's Drug Mart (Halifax NS).

I love, love, love a good oil on my hair ends, daily!
Some people will message me saying Coconut oil is a great alternative and I don't disagree!
I love a good slather of coco oil on my hair now and then but for the daily I find it too greasy and weighed down.
I prefer the Moroccan Oil 'OG' treatment  ($17-49) OR for a big save..
the drug stores carry Hask Oil, Macadamia or Argan oil versions are both good! ($4.29 online)

Now we're getting to the point of no comparison...
I like the colour options, the smell and the lasting power/added grit.
I don't have an exact recommendation for something similar but I have no doubt you could find something at the drug store. A lot of the girls I chat with LOVE drug store dry shampoo and brands I hear come up a lot are: Batiste, Dove, Oscar Blandi (I like this one, but is it technically drug store?)

Moroccan Oil hairspray ($28)

I mainly love this scent.. such a scent sucker I am!

Again, I don't have a recommendation to give but Drug store hair sprays have COME miles and miles... so I would suggest you pop into Shoppers and ask the beauty guru worker what a best seller is.

And finally something I can't compromise on is my Moroccan Oil dry texture spray ($12-29)
if you go watch my Instagram stories right now, YES RIGHT NOW, guaranteed I have the texture spray in my hair.

A couple of months ago I realized dry shampoo wasn't exactly the product I should be using..
I was mainly using the dry shampoo to add some volume and grit to my hair, less about the oil absorption.

I don't tend to get much oil buildup, unless I'm on 4,5,6,7th day without washing.. and to be honest I hardly ever get to 7th day without washing unless I'm 12-25 weeks pregnant and laying down is all I can do at that moment.

The more important aspect of dry shampoo for me, is volume boost!
the texture spray is my perfect little slice of heaven for that.
very little is needed to add lift, and I tend to spray at my roots and let the product fall down throughout the day.. this is a serious hold product so if you spray too much on the ends they will get tangly!

And that's my Moroccan Oil brand break down!
Hair care is so unique to every individual so let me know what you've been loving and if there's any other price tags I can cut! :)
I do need to start spending more time in the Drug Store Hair Care isles, drugstore hair products have come SO far.
I need to get off my hair snob horse haha!