Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Drugstore Win: Wet'N' Wild Photofocus.. and Milia...

This is old news in the beauty community.. but Wet 'N' Wild Photofocus foundation is really good!!

I struggle with drug store foundations.. I ALWAYS buy them and I ALWAYS go back to my MAC or Too Faced high end brands.

Mainly because you can't test at the drugstore so you're blindly buying and even when you research reviews (like me, addicted) you still run the risk of it not working on your skin type.
I've tried them all and gotten too patchy, too dry, too dark, too much glitter (looking at you Revlon.. you looked amazing indoors but outside.. shiny like Edward Cullen).
And with Drugstore prices now hovering in the $16.99 range a lot of the time, I HATE to waste $20 for another toss product. (I'm pretty darn bad at returns.. I always toss my receipt as soon as I get home)

I had been hearing a lot about the Wet 'N' Wild Photofocus foundation and picked it up just to test.. I didn't think I would like it as much as I do.
First off, it was $7.99.. so I knew no matter what I could make that work.

If it was too light coverage I would save it until the summer, if it was heavy I could wear it for going out days and if it was just an all around fail - return!

Turns out it is totally middle ground!!
Its a medium sheer coverage, if you have major discolouring/scaring it may not be best for you or you'll need to pair it with some heavy concealers.

It did oxidize a tad so if you're on the colour fence, I would colour down and add some bronzer if you feel too pale.

I like the glass bottle, I like the paddle applicator, I didn't like the smell...
this is the one major complaint people had, there is a slight chemically scent.
Its not MAJOR and it doesn't bother me, AT ALL. like, not at all.
but if you're sensitive to smell, just keep it in mind and see if there's an open bottle or tester in store you can grab a smell off of.
It really doesn't smell on the skin and is much more offensive in the bottle.

Photofocus vs. bare skin

Other than that I can't say much..
Its just a solid choice for drugstore foundation!
I've been religiously using it and not even thinking about another foundation since I picked it up a couple of months ago. I've watched a million reviews and they all seem positive and would recommend for any skin type, also seen many people call it 'holy grail' and say they're stocking up.. so it seems like a WIN! WIN! WIN!

now, change of topic..
I actually took the photos above to show my milia..
you're all googling it aren't you??? hahahaha

I've been wanting to write a Milia post for a while but I'm slacking due to not having made a doctors appointment about it. I want to get the ball rolling and see an actual dermatologist or whoever is responsible for skin issues so they can give me the real low down.

I've had Milia off and on for YEARS and years.
I've done a ton of research about it and essentially its when your skin can't release oil well and little cysts will develop under the skin. Just tiny, tiny little bumps, that are too small for your pores to release and then they look like little white head pimples.

They're very common in newborn babies and people often get them around their eyes.
Mine always show up on my cheeks, and they appear more pronounced when you're wearing makeup.. so that always makes me feel self conscious.

I have a lot of redness/rosacea so I like to wear a lot of make up and then the make up brings out the Milia.. it's a no winning for me. so annoying

any whooo, more Milia talk another day.
for now just scroll down and see my photos to judge the photofocus foundation for yourself!

I didn't take any of these photos with this blog post in mind, I just happened to like the foundation so much I've been wearing it in all my photos lately!

*I apply my foundation with a brush, the Real Techniques expert face brush, to be exact.
and I wanted to test this foundation with my beauty blender but do you think I can find my beauty blender stash..?!?!?!?!? for real, CAN NOT FIND THEM.
that's what has been taking me so long to blog this..
I lost my beauty blenders!

obviously I must love using the buffing brush to apply, I've used it so long the blenders disappeared.. so I said screw it! (of course I wash my brush every.. so often. can't say the exact time line but its often enough lol)
If you want to see the Photofocus applied with a beauty blender, you can google it :P

The lighting is different in every photo and in some I've self tanned so my skin colour may change a slight bit but all and all I think their 'photofocus' name is right on the money!
because it looks goooood in the photos!

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