Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Low key baby showers..

I'm really not a shower person, I am especially not a 'my' shower type of person.
I didn't have a bridal shower, I didn't even have a bachelorette party (something I would be more enthusiastic about.. girls night out/drinks!;))

I don't believe in social 'rules' and I'm not a traditionalist..
i.e do whatever you want for your wedding/baby/life!
and yet here we are lol..
I was surprised with a baby shower so may as well show it off!

Something I can appreciate is good food and décor, I'm also a fan of games as long as they're not mandatory.. loosey goosey is how I live my life!


I still cannot believe I'm having a girl..
I 100% do. not. believe. it.
and I will not believe it until they place that baby in my arms..

so seeing everything in pink is shocking, it doesn't feel like my baby.
I mean, I'm still adjusting to being a boy mom.. so that might have something to do with it, I was convinced with Elliott that I would have a girl and I was convinced this time would be a boy lol.

anywhoo, everything was sparkly and PINK! so that's fun!
and yes my sisters dining room is actually painted purple.. that was not added for the shower! hahah

also, I didn't take a single photo!!
so this is not 'blogger' quality but that's what you get when you rely on random party goers iPhone snaps. I am great at photographing EVERY minute when out with Nick/Elliott but see me at an event and my camera isn't even on the radar, I guess its a good thing - live in the moment, yadda yadda ;)
but I wish I could hire a professional to follow me around, these photos would've been SO good taken from a trained eye.
All you need to feel fancy is a few cake displays and silver platters.
I swear, thrift shop for them and you'll get your monies worth ten fold!
I keep a cute collection of cake stands on top of my cupboard and they look like décor even when not in use.

^ my girlfriend make me these adorable cookies, love!

I'm not sure if this is the exact stuffed strawberry recipe used above but I googled it and this one is super simple/similar if not exact - stuffed strawberries

A little tutu on your wine glass makes all the difference!

^ all the prizes were wrapped in pink/gold or in cute paper bags (I'm going to say that wrapping paper is from winners/homesense 100%!)

^ straws are also my addiction!
they make everything look so much cuter.. confession: I cannot drink a beverage in my own house without a straw.. I actually purchased a ton of reusable straws for Elliott's birthday party two years ago. See here, I use those straws, EVERY DAY.

^ a baby 'shower' tho..

^ Obvious game
The Clothes Pin Game
pink clothes pins, everyone starts with one and when you hear 'baby' mentioned you get to steal that persons pin. whoever ends up with the most pins is winner!
*I was going to add pinterest links to games, but is it really necessary..
If you can't follow my direction, google baby shower clothes pin game lol

^ Same here! easy peasy!
Guess Mama's Belly Game
I measured my belly, then the yarn ball gets handed around the room and you cut a piece closest to the length you think I measured.
^ this one is probably the most fun! but also follows my 'not mandatory' rule because not everyone can pull off the baby bump ball carry lololing
Elliott loved this game and was mimicking it long after the guests left, he actually got pretty good by the time we went home. I'm surprised he had that much coordination in his little knees!

Tinkle in the Pot Game
so you place the bigger ball/balloon in your shirt (expecting belly!)
then you hold the small ball between your knees and waddle to the vase/jar to try and drop the small ball in.
its tough because of the 'baby belly' and you want a smallish opening to the vase/jar you use so the faux mama can't really see where she will be dropping the ball.
All I could think during this game is there should be a way to play this with water balloons so when you drop the ball it would be your 'water breaking' lololol, funny right?!???
I did some googling and found some variations of this are called
"tinkle in the pot" or similar, because of the non stop peeing!

^ so this is me... lol at there being no photos of me!
I was pretty much scooped up every free second and was chatting the whole time so the camera didn't make an appearance,
^ me and El

^ Elliott looked pretty darn cute and I think he enjoyed himself thoroughly,
he is a people person and doesn't shy away from much!

He did miss his nap that day and I'm shocked he was as pleasant as he was.

we came home, had a nice movie/snuggle then both passed out!

Thanks to everyone who came and showered Baby Clarke with love! XOXO

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