Friday, 26 May 2017

How to strengthen your hair: Bumble and Bumble Repair blow dry

So, by now you think you know everything about my hair.. am I right??!
You pretty much do, I will admit!

I am a hair-o-holic, I love changing it and trying new things.

and I'm pretty impressed with how much my hair has grown over the last year!
How much does your hair grow??
I googled it and I think I'm on the pretty decent side of growth.
There are so many factors that can change it, but hair growth can be a daunting task so I wanted to keep my hair as healthy as possible to grow that baby out!

This is one year of growth!
I had some very short layers in that little bob so I'm impressed my long lob has turned out as good as it has!

I've had regular trims and colours all year long, as well as having had tape in hair extensions attached 50% of the time!
Tape in extensions can take a toll as well, you really have to be hair savvy and diligent if you plan on getting tape ins, they're not for the care free hair girl/guy.
I've heard some horror stories about people who have had tape ins and then all their hair breaks off at the tape or they lose a large percentage of hair after removal.
This should not happen, but anything is possible.
I also noticed this story came from someone who looked as if they had been box dying BLACK for quite a while..I'm not a stylist nor scientist, so I shouldn't place blame but I am so obsessed with healthy hair and if you are box dying, please HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE.
I want to say skip Tim Hortons and save those twoonies for salon visits but as a couponer, I know salons are hard on the wallet and not everyone wants to invest in that area. so that's fine, but girl get a hair mask, leave in conditioner or coconut oil it up!
this is about the product I added recently that has made a difference!
You know this is me:
Wet Brush - best brush imo.
it's better than my specialty brush for tape in extensions and it's a must have for kids!
Hair Mask - Love the Morroccan oil, been using the L'oreal (below) and like.
Also referred to me recently Redken extreme repair mask, I think I will try this next because I've recently revived my love for Redken and forgot what a classic it is!
Hair Oil: Moroccan, Hask or coconut.. users choice!
But my most recent add on is the.... Bumble and Bumble, Repair Blow dry.
serum/cream... ?? It's like a cream lotion IMO.
This is a sample I received forever ago! I never take sample hair products seriously because they're so small I always think it's not enough to get the full effect.
but with this one I was wrong!
which is why I recommend the smaller 2oz bottle ($17) if you are thinking about purchasing, because this sample .5oz has lasted me MONTHS! and I use on the daily!
so at first I used and used this and I didn't see a difference, it's a funny product because it doesn't really change anything noticeable to the naked eye.. at first...
It's a really light product, won't weigh you down (use small dime size amount, focused mainly on mid to ends) and it only adds a small shine.
So after a week, I said on IG stories I didn't think it was for me!
I like to see immediate results and I hate adding another product if I can't see it working immediately.
But since I had the sample I decided to use it to empty and the funniest thing happened...
I started to notice a difference!
as healthy as my hair is I have always had minor breakage around my neck, I'm a pony tail girl and I remember as early as 6th grade having a layer of shoulder length hairs that hung at the base of my neck.
the hair elastics broke them and no matter the product I used over the years, these baby hairs just broke and had to be bobby pinned.
All of a sudden about a month or two into the Repair blow dry I noticed I didn't have ANY broken hairs anymore.. my hair felt thicker and stronger.
I can honestly roll my hair into a bun and tie the ends under each other so its a LITERAL 'top knot'
*I don't recommend tying knots in your hair... lol
but I am guilty of doing this to wash my face when there's not a hair elastic around (it doesn't stay long term but the knot holds long enough for me to wash my face then magically falls out like one of those bun falling mesmerising videos lol)  

so that's my newest hair healer!

I'm going to pick up a full size (smaller one lol) when this is up but I checked with my Sephora insiders and they said ask for a sample in store so you can try it before you buy it!

I will probably stock up on samples too, I spend enough at that store and recommend enough products, they owe me ;)

in other news.. do I cut my hair SHORT like the above photos or do I grow, grow, grow like this photo???

I don't know what to dooooOoooo!
I am SO torn!

the super short is easier to dry and style but the bed head doesn't look that cute so you have to commit to washing more often.

the long is such a pain to dry and style but the integrity lasts longer so you can get more days in without a re-wash, plus cute BUNS!


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  1. Do whatever is the easiest, I'd say! (At least until you can find a routine with baby and Elliot) I mean, this is coming from a non-mom so I know nothing except what I have heard from others. But washing is such a pain in the arse, ha!

    I am gonna take this tips to heart, girl. I need some help with my hair. I only get it cut 1-2x/year because I'm cheeeeeap so I need some product to make it look better. And...well, not fluffy. Oil is a godsend for me! I definitely need a hair mask though. I mean...I use em on my face, I should use it on my hair too!