Wednesday, 31 May 2017

How to give the gift of thrift...

I received so many nice baby shower gifts, it almost makes me feel guilty!
I mean this is our second baby so it should have been a sprinkle instead of a shower but people went all out, it was so sweet!

Maybe I will post to IG stories to show what we got.. is that weird??
It's not me bragging it's just my honest fascination with other peoples lives that would make me want to see what people gave.. so maybe you readers want to see.
anyway, we will see but I'm leaning towards a quick IG story haul!

I will say we got mostly gift cards and baby girl clothes, which is AMAZING!
I really had no idea what to say when people ask if we need anything.
no, we didn't NEED.
the baby will be fully clothed with all of Elliott's hand me downs but there's something so cute about her having her very own 'girl' wardrobe, I am so thankful for all those who were smarter than me and gifted them!

gift cards, blankets, books, clothes (especially if you're having a babe of the opposite gender!), diapers, we received all these things and they're perfect! so many cute things.. It confirms why I stay away from the baby sections, because I would be in deep with the shopping sprees! lol

but my cousin had a way of gifting that I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVED.

You all know my thrift shopping obsession is real and I just can't get past buying new when there are so many second hand shops with the cutest things floating around.. especially kids wear!
Kids grow SO fast, do not waste precious dollars on full price!

so my cousin knows my love and she has an equal love, so she gifted us with a thrift shopped baby gift!

thrift giving may not be for everyone and you'll know the time and place to give the gift of thrift but I really hope some of you take inspiration from this, and gift thrift more often!

This actually isn't the first thrifted gift I've received. (not including my immediate family who gives thrifted all the time)
My sisters friend gave us a baby gift for Elliott that was all thrifted!
she was a teen at that time and money is pinched for everyone, let alone someone working part time min. wage so she gathered up all kinds of gems from the thrift stores and they were some of Elliott's most worn items! I really appreciated the thought behind it as well, going to the second hand stores and thinking of us while there was just too sweet, she didn't have to but she did.

so anyway,  no pressure lol
I loved all my gifts equally and I cannot thank everyone enough.

but if you're looking for a way to make thrift more chic and add a bit of a twist to your gift, take a note from this card  >>>>>>........

SO cute!

a little peek of the thrifted finds!
and a homemade tutu.. omg stop!

Pop it into a cute basket with some tissue atop and voila!

the gift of thrift!
beauty on a budget!
and a happy earth friendly deed!

am I alone in loving this?!?!?!?!?!
lolol someone confirm this is genius!

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