Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Beauty and Body update!

Ok, the days are literally flying now!
I hope this keeps up until June.
Its mostly because I sleep through them.. hahahh nervous laugh..
I'm feeling WAY more uncomfortable now and its taking me light years to get ready for anything..

but we did manage to get to the mall last week and I picked up a couple of new Maternity pieces from Old Navy.

he does not want to pose for photos with me anymore!
I think its more a power play than a not liking photos thing...
he knows I want them and he knows he can refuse and it becomes a game, the little ham!
I have been LIVING in this dress!
really, I wore it 2-3 times this week!
long sleeves- check! my arms have really filled out with the weight gain and I'm not a huge fan of my arms on a good day.. so I find long sleeves more comfortable.
and in the spring/summer I like to throw on a denim jacket with sleeveless maxi dresses.
I can see me wearing this up until baby comes, for now with leggings and booties and with flats/sandals coming up very soon!
My favorite opaque tights come from H&M and my lesser favorite from Motherhood maternity.
I will have to take a insta story of how tight the top of motherhood maternity tights are..
I get that 'they' haven't been able to invent a pantyhose that isn't teeny tiny around the waist section yet.. but you would think it would be top priority for the maternity range at least!
geesh, my belly is not happy with that suckage in-age.. I wear them out in public and pull them straight off as soon as I'm home!
heads up, this time last year I hit a major bootie sale at nine west in Mic Mac Mall and stocked up!
the shoes were on major sale with additional sales and ended up being in the 25-35$ range!
I've been wearing those booties ALL WINTER LONG.
I got a pair very similar to the ones above but they are navy! I've worn them with everything!
the ones above are $149 going for $59.. still a great deal but if you keep your eyes peeled.. show up in store within the next few weeks I bet they will get a further mark down!
How annoying is it that I cannot find my floral Old Navy dress online!?
I know it was new stock because they had a whole rack full..
here's a similar long sleeve style.. dress
but if you hit up in store I bet it will be there!

I also picked up this hippy peasant style top..
and now seeing the photos I am slightly regretting...
it is very flowy which equals so much comfort but it also equals adding the extra poundage look..
Oh well!
comfort prevails!
could not find this top on the website either, which is a bummer because they had it in this stripe pattern and also a really great tomato red!

I of course, went with the stripes because I love to wear red on my lips and I was reminded of how great these NYX matte lipsticks are when I wore it in my insta stories the other day!
one of my favorite shades and with the blot of a Kleenex, it stays put on your lips!
I found mine at Shoppers drug mart or find it online
Other than that I have 101 things on the to do list, I have a bundle of beauty to talk about and another doctors appointment next week. so a weight update will be coming then, I am still addicted to cheeseburgers so I'm sure its going to be ugly!
I am not lying to you, the baby wants cheeseburgers like CRAZY!
I have never wanted fast food like this in my life.. its really, really annoying and almost disgusting..
I'm not a fast food fan and I'm trying to stay off the gluten, so I try to take off at least one bun and eat the burger open faced.... but the baby LOVES it.
not like Elliott at all! all I wanted with him was apples, eggos and mini pizzas! hahaha
the good news is that my skin seems to be getting back to normal and has lost its oily flare!
now its back to dryness and rosacea.. which isn't so bad ;)
I'm also working on a Harry Potter project that I hope, can get finished up asap since its been on my to do list for, foreverrrrr!

Keep you posted! XO

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