Thursday, 16 March 2017

Got Easter?!

I had no intention of sharing this today but I'm going to try to post more on real time posts for y'all when I run into something cute!
so I'm not sharing weeks later when the thing is out of stock.. oops.
that's not referring to my Costco light fixture though!!
inside knowledge told me people were still able to find it at Dartmouth Crossing Costco!

and at the risk of being labeled a 'mom blog' this has a lot of Elliott content hehe
man, blog shaming has been running rampant these last few weeks..
my fellow bloggers are you feeling it???

I haven't personally had anything outside the norm happen, I've never fit into the classic blog box of any kind anyway so I just keep pluggin away here in my bubble. but man, from bloggers to bloggers, from readers to bloggers, it seems like the blog life is getting dangerous...
but this is another story for another time.

Here's to Easter!

^ these baskets are just too much for me (as in cuteness!), I want them all!
I was at Superstore last night and they have the cutest Easter stuff out!
I didn't get to snap as many pics as I would have liked because Elliott was LOVING it..
I swear you don't have to buy you kids expensive things, hit up the dollar area and they act like its Disney World! (at least in the toddler years ;))

^ these mugs! why are you so tempting?!

I resisted because I am trying to declutter my life..
and also do you remember last year when I got this ^ Ninja Turtles Basket at the bible thrift store for $2.99 and then I spotted THE EXACT basket at Superstore for $15 ?!?!?!
So I try to live my kids lives only through thrifting..
so far for this coming Easter I've picked up 3 t-shirts on a buy and sell, brand new tags still attached!
(I am of course washing before putting them in the Easter basket)
I have a cute walkie talkie set I purchased from Winners after Christmas for 50% off and I have a
bunch of inexpensive finds like play dohs, dinkies and a pack of those dinosaur eggs that you let sit in water over night and a dino hatches!
I think Elliott's going to get such a kick out of them if he can grasp the patience concept!
also found the dino eggs at Superstore ^ they were in an isle on a random display, you know the kind where they sometimes have sippy cups, curly straws or sandwiches containers hanging.
I couldn't say no..
I will try to snap a pic for Instagram so you can see exactly what they look like!

He was in love with all the little bits and bobs, he really wanted the Paw Patrol bubbles and this ninja turtle egg.
I was just in shock that he didn't want the Trolls eggs shown in the background!

I told him one or the other so we left with the bubbles but he hasn't stopped talking about that turtles eggs for the last 24 hours, so I may have to sneak it into the house for Easter.

Superstore is our fav because they give free fruit to the kids and also free cookies!
See empty banana peel above and then hit up the bakery for cookie!^

before groceries we signed up for Soccer...
which was insanely expensive if you ask me.
$135 dollars to register a 3 year old, then you need to purchase cleats, shin pads, socks, shorts AND you have to be on the playing field with them at this age.

It hurt my frugal pocket book to do but I really want Elliott to have the option of sports in the future and figure out what he likes/doesn't.

although it was so funny, the whole time we were there he kept saying
"I wanna pay (play) Hockey"
"uh huh Hockey sticks! I wanna pay Hockey. Hockey. Hockey. Hockey"

he has a slight hockey addiction already hahaha
so we will see how he likes soccer! they start in June.

I will update my weight story tomorrow, I've been needing to take some current photos and they are not my friend at this stage!
the doctor told me I can work out.. since I've been gaining weight so fast...

its more like can I work out between vomiting, headaches and back pain ?! + a 2.5 year old glued to me.
that is the issue doc..

but I am trying! so I think we are going to hit up the pool today and I went swimming once last week so that counts right??

*the waves from the almost perfectly still baby pool make me so dizzy I almost passed out but I pushed through! hahaha
I just cant be anywhere near the jets that pump water into the pool, I may as well be on a roller coaster.

chat soon! x0x0

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