Friday, 10 March 2017

Spring beauty with Mary Kay...

All my beauty bloggers are talking about the Mary Kay spring collection and so am I because it's really good!

When exactly does Easter fall this year (?) because I am starting the décor ASAP!
I will hold off until St. Patrick's day passes, I have a couple green pieces for that but then its bunny time!
also, heads up^
that cookies and cream bunny from dollarama is NOT, I repeat NOT on par with Hershey's cookies and cream bars! do not waste the dollas, go for Hershey's ;)

Top Favorite of the collection is of course the nail lacquers..
they're SO long lasting and apply flawlessly.
that leads to my question.. is there a difference between nail polish and nail lacquers????
because lacquer certainly sounds fancier and these work so well but removed like a regular polish..
someone school me.. ?!?? ;)
Vivid sunburst
New blue
Brilliant violet
Luminous mauve
 they're $10 each see price list
my favorite is probably the Vivid sunburst (tangerine shade) but I am also a fan of the purples.
the blue would be bottom of the list only because I own so many blue! but its still great

Glossy lip oil also sounds so appealing to me!
I am such a sucker for packaging/names!
I love these for day time, anytime pocket glosses, but buyer beware..
the colours look AMAZING!
I wanted to get that colour pay off..
but for me that meant layering them too thick, it became milky looking and I looked like what I looked like in elementary.. '90's era makeup!
stick to a thin application and embrace the glossy shine!
Sheer pink
Magenta Ray
Brilliant Violet
$19 each see price list

I was also pretty hyped up for the eye shadow palettes..
I really fell in love with Mary Kays winter collection which was full of silvers, golds, bronze..
I wore them all through the holidays!
The spring shades are a bit more unconventional, so I doubt I will be hitting pan on those bold shades but I really like the nudes and the formula same as the winter collection is good.

I thought I would prefer the sunlight palette (above) because those shades will counter my green eyes.. but they were very muted and not as pigmented as I would've hoped
(can't believe I am saying that about a rainbow eyeshadow but I am really embracing colour this spring!! I think bolds are on MAJOR trend!!
I told my sister this.. she was worried about painting her dining room purple..
COLOUR and pattern is on MAJOR TREND people! do it now!! don't believe me? Ask Jillian Harris, she confirmed!)

Glistening Horizon $26
that means I shockingly preferred this palette!
I just think if you're going bold, GO BOLD!

of course my favorite of all the shades is that nude, ice shade on the end!
but I'm a creature of habit hehe

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