Tuesday, 7 March 2017


I've said it before and I'll say it again...
one of the best and worst qualities of our house is the open concept.

It's 100% open from the front porch to the patio doors...
kitchen, living room, dining...

there's only a small office (play room aka toy room aka I still have to show you how we decorated that tiny space but it is a MESS right now. It's one of my favorite rooms in the house, the super hero photos and 'PLAY' wall decal is so cute! plus there's a adorable light fixture..
ok maybe I will take some photos of that messy hole in the wall today hehehe)

so there's a tiny office and a powder room.
the rest is OPEN.

It bothers me that I will never have a formal dining room.
and there's not a lot of wall space for photos and décor, there seems to be a window, door or tv on every space available.
but c'est la vie, these aren't deal breakers.

it does make for tough blogging situations, I cannot seem to get a good angle to photograph from!
there's an open background in all my blog photos!
I'm about to show off my new dining room light fixture but man there was no good way to photograph that thing!

1. open background! everything always looks cluttered!
2. heat pumps! so helpful and necessary but they're are ugly!

so use your imagination below.. picture the background as minimalist and clean as possible ;p

our house is only about 4 years old so the fixtures were fairly new and very nice but the dining room fixture was a bit fancy for me.
again I would've loved it in a formal area but my style is more farmhouse chic throughout so it made sense to switch it out.


I really like it!
I wish so badly we could install this in the new baby's nursery!
but in the bedrooms we  have new ceiling fans that are connected to remote controls..
you have no idea how handy it is to take the remote to bed with you and not have to get up to turn off the lights when you're ready to sleep!
hahahah that sounds so 'first world problems' but I don't want to take that luxury away from the baby!
*we could maybe find an electrician to swap out the fan and connect the remote to this chandelier but currently my dad does all our light fixture hookups soooo free vs pay.. we choose the free!
also he's a good electrician but he's not so good that he can fiddle with remotes and new fangled gadgets ;)

when you see the after photos you're probably going to prefer the before^
I find looking at the photos I prefer this fixture because it compliments our round glass table but I am hoping to trade in this table for a long rectangular harvest table in the not so distant future! 

so picture a table something like this.....
but picture mine a bit more like this^ because I will have a bench replace chairs on one side
NOW see our new fixture!

COSTCO only $99!
Of course I searched every section of lighting on the Costco website and cannot find this exact fixture.. but they have similar and really reasonable prices.

It came with 7 Edison bulbs included which was a plus! (it uses 5 at a time)

It was impossible to get a great shot of it without a heat pump in the background! but picture it with a harvest table below and a gorgeous long runner with some greenery or fruit in a bowl directly under the lighting!

the dream is becoming reality...
if you really squint.. hehehe

that's about it for today! I went to my doctors appointment and I'm not mentally ready to talk about those weight results lol! give me a day to grieve ;p
be back with details in a day or two! xoxox


  1. That USB a really cool light fixture! I need to get a Costco membership lol

    Megan Joy