Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Updated skin care...

Although its been blah outside, my back pain is killing me and I feel like I'm living in an inflated sumo wrestling suit... I'm in a pretty perky mood!

we just took Elliott to his first movie at the theatre and it was AWESOME.

Cineplex is doing $2.99 kids movies all this week so we had to take advantage of it!

^ the best part about 2 year olds, they think they're playing when in reality we didn't pay a dime!
just auto pilot, but he doesn't know ;)
we went to see Trolls, Elliott is OBSESSED!
we bought the movie a couple of weeks ago and he asks to watch it daily so we knew we could sit through at least most if not all of it.
surprisingly he happily made it through the whole thing and the theatre was PACKED with kids and very young kids at that, but they were all so well behaved! I was completely impressed!
a lot of that cred has to go to Trolls, which if you haven't seen I highly suggest!
its fast paced, entertaining, good music and heartwarming.

OK, besides that I am so pleased with my skin lately!
I have been struggling through this whole pregnancy but I finally feel like I'm getting a tad bit over the oily, dry, breakout, redness, pregnancy skin stage..

I think a big portion in that is due to tedious care.. and just a sprinkle of luck.

I've been using the Bioderma to remove makeup (as always! but 2 pack on for $29.99 at Shoppers drug mart, get them while supplies last)
Biore charcoal nose strips, which aren't a NEED for me. I have fairly small pores but these work great on my husband who has life long oil issues.
I threw them in more for a luxury, a once and a while treat for me.
Origins all over charcoal face mask on the other hand.. has been AWESOME.
I've always loved this mask, and although pricey $32.. that bottle will last you a lifetime!
I've just started using it once to twice a week religiously and its dried up my blemishes perfectly.
especially that one on my cheek that stuck around for the last ummm 3-4 weeks now.
FINALLY, its faded to almost gone.

I also found a FAVORITE that I forgot about!
this is how out of the game I've been...
checked Sephora and looks like the packaging has changed.
I am hoping its only the packaging because I LOVE this sorbet!
I remembered why I fazed this out.. price tag ^
but sometimes you have to stick with what works.. and this works for me.
It is SO light, it comes out sort of like a whip cream consistency (see sorbet)
it dries into your skin instantly and sits amazingly under makeup. 

So I've traded in my fresh Lotus youth preserve for the Caudalie.. BUT only during the day.
I wake up in the am
 wash face with warm water
apply the Caudalie before my makeup.
At night I remove my make up with Bioderma
 wash with warm water
apply a face mask or use a gentle cleanser...
I put the Kiehl's midnight recovery serum on
then fresh lotus youth preserve.
And done!
the Lotus youth preserve is much heavier and can* just a tad* bring out my redness.
its not make it or break it, I just find the thicker cream much better for nighttime
I've noticed a nice improvement with the light Caudaile under my makeup, I don't feel so weighed down.

I know that sounds like a lot of steps on paper but in reality its maybe a 10 minute job.
I use the time between every step to floss, brush and mouth wash.

It's like my little mini bedtime routine and I feel so much better and relaxed crawling into bed with a fresh face.

obviously my skin agrees because its been clearing up AND finally dry, dry, dry patch forehead has been looking plump..

I just opened up my cell phone camera to inspect the forehead and yup, looking hydrated..
I little dryness still hovering around the hair line but beggars can't be choosers ;p

am I the only one who uses selfie mode as a mirror??
I always do it on the sly in public to make sure I don't have lipstick on my teeth!

What did you guys think of the This is us finale last night?!?!?

I was a tad disappointed.. I'm happy with how much they dove into the Rebecca and Jack relationship but.... still no hints on his death?!?!?!?!
come on!!!
I need something!

I pretty much turn into a puddle whenever Jack or Randall speak.
they're the best characters to me, I am so invested in their lives.

so tonight we have Survivor and the season premiere of Big Brother Canada!

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