Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Let's talk about sunless tanner, St. Tropez style..

How do you feel about the sun??
Love the tan hate the damage?
Yup me too!

I've never been a sun worshiper,
A) because its really bad for you! It is, it just is, don't do it!
B) I don't tan well anyway, I burn to a crisp every time, its really not worth it. 

I've tried some sunless tanners previous to this but they were never quite worth it.
- too orange
- too obvious
- too much work applying a sticky/stinky lotion after every shower for little payoff

Enter St. Tropez...
The Saint of all sunless tans! 
I picked this tanner haul up at Sephora..
*back story about me I kind of go crazy when I try something new.. Go big or go home!
As you can see I ordered the whole shebang but all you really need what I would advise you to start with, the basic mousse and a mitt -  DO NOT skip the mitt!

Self tanning mousse (Of course its sold out! Ugh)
The mitt (don't forget me!)

See below for a bunch of non blog worthy.. ain't nobody got time for that photos.. :)

My very first use ever! ^

Apply the tanner in the late evening/before bed, you need to sleep on it.
Exfoliate skin in shower sometime prior to application
(I showered in the morning, exfoliation, shaved legs)
then apply mousse to mitt and start circling, make sure you apply in circles not straight streaks!

I let the mousse dry for an acceptable amount of time before going to bed, however I sleep in a flamingo pose (due to ratio of bed space vs human vs pets)

So let this be a warning photo!
You will get weird tan line if you sleep smooshed up to something..
^ toes!

The morning after shower as usual, there will be a lot of tan washing off but don't stress you will still be plenty golden!

^ After shower photo
I was trying to gain some of my Dominican tan back, notice bathing suit tan lines.


These photos are from my first use but I've used it two additional times since!
A little goes a long way, I've done a full body tan 3 times and still have half a bottle remaining;
I will be repurchasing when I run out.


- Start with your legs and get a feel for the application, make sure you lotion up your hands, elbows, ankles, bottoms of feet (yes bottoms) REALLY well. Apply tanner sparingly around these areas, and even when you think you've buffed the tanner on those areas well enough - go back and buff again! but don't over mousse the mitt.

- get naked! or close to, bikini time! You need to get EVERYWHERE.

- Armpits! I forgot them the first time, it was very obvious I self tanned when I lifted my arms lol

- don't rush, I lay a big towel on my bed and apply while watching tv

- get help doing your back! you might miss the middle, and again you're an obvious self tanner

The tan lasts a long time ( a week or longer) so I would recommend a practice run if you plan on doing it for a special event. See my before and after tan transformation below..

^ Before


Do you think its natural looking??
Have you ever tried St. Tropez??
Any other self tanner recommendations??

I'm sort of sunless tan obsessed now!
I still love my pale self but its fun to change it up once and a while :)

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  1. I think the colour looked awesome on you, and yes - definitely natural looking. I'm a huge advocate of self-tanners loll....I always use them!