Thursday, 10 September 2015

Let's talk about going on "staycation"..

Life update time! 

I've been writing blog posts in my head but for some reason my life is moving at the speed of light so I've not been able to get them in print.. 

New Years resolution número uno.. 
1. Get life in check
( + Build possible time slow motion machine..)

Our house is still for sale.. It's only been 4 months but 4 months in realestate time feels like an eternity! Not to mention I just got word my work transfer is in, aka I have 5 weeks to report to a new position in another province. Sort of our worst case scenario, because if something doesn't happen with the house I may have to go ahead with Elliott to our "new home" (which is non existent, because we need to sell our current home) Nick will stay in Newfoundland and meet us whenever (if ever??) we sell. So that's the word. 

In other news a few weeks ago we went on a mini "staycation". Staycation = a vacation not far from home, now this may  prompt you to think it will be a cheaper vacation but don't let titles deceive you! 

It was still a costly adventure, we stayed in a cottage (this was our only vacation of the summer I wasn't about to tent it) it was a sweet little cabin fully equipped with bedrooms, kitchen etc. 

We toured around and basically acted like tourists! Well we technically are tourists, it was our 3rd trip to the area in 4 years and it's about 2 hours from home. Photos were taken at every stop which I will enthusiastically share with you now ;)

^ like a little log cabin! The kids were loving it. (Kids pictured above ;) 

^ Surprisingly the only moose we saw!

^ We visited an adorable aquarium! 

^ and touched a star fish! 

^ Newfoundland and nature. Honestly views that can't be beat, photos don't do it justice!

^ My Little blue anchor head wrap is the perfect staycation accessory!

^ I feel like these are the last photos of Elliott looking "babyish" he's such a grown boy now! 

^ No sunglass is safe 

^ bye cabin!

^ everywhere we go, post office photos are top priority! 

I can't believe I wrote this whole post and didn't say where we went! 

Gros Morne, Rocky Harbour and Norris Point. 

If you have a vacation bucket list, I dare you to add these to it! It's a must see and it great for all ages. 

Have you ever done the "staycation" vacation?? 

I honestly loved it! 
I would even enjoy doing a day trip, drive one town away and act like tourists all day. It's super fun driving down new streets and experiencing different places. 

On the bucket list for next summer, STAYCATION 2.0! 
(And probably 2.0 = tenting because you can basically go on an all exclusive to Mexico with what we spent on that cabin.. YOLO hehe 

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