Thursday, 17 September 2015

Let's talk about spray on beauty, genius or gimmick??..

 I think I will call this blog segment "Genius or Gimmick!?"

A couple of weeks ago I was at the drug store and saw this St. Ives spray was on sale
(not available to buy at Walmart online but you can look at it!) 
I can't remember (or find!) the regular price, but I believe I paid $7, regular $10? $12?

I also needed deodorant and was all pumped up on the spray nozzle idea so picked up a Dove dry spray to test out.

The Dove 
First off pee-hew, pee-hew, pee-hew, pee-hew!
When I purchased it I noticed all the scents seemed to be strong or unappealing. I went with the "beauty finish" thinking it would be gentle, nope; its very strong scented like gives you a headache perfume scent. BUT most of that headache is not due to the scent lasting but the off spray that comes with spraying your pits. I had to turn my head completely sideways and hold my breath to spray this on my underarms, it goes everywhere!

- Do not apply around small children or pets and 
- Do not lay your black outfit nearby - white flakes everywhere!

Overall rating: GIMMICK! gimmick, gimmick, gimmick. 
I can see the draw, it was fairly dry to the touch after application but the scent cloud alone turns me way off.

                                          ^ I do talk about pits a lot, I'm kinda like an Armpit-ologist ;)

The St. Ives
I really wanted to love this, I tried making excuses like
"what if I'm at the beach?? I might need the spray nozzle"
but then I remembered that rule only applies to sun tan lotion!

There's really no reason you would NEED a spray on lotion, because frankly I had to rub it in anyway! It sprays on sort of liquid-y, I think they had to add more water to make it spray-able. Hence the lotion is not all that moisturizing, I wouldn't rely on this for hydration.

Final answer: GIMMICK.
Its one of those things you'll buy once because its intriguing but its not all that hydrating and it is just as easy to rub on lotion as it is to spray then rub.
The 'Sprub' if you will ;)
(I actually found it easier to spray into my palm then rub on my legs = just another regular lotion)

Whomp Whomp,
I'm sort of sad that neither was a home run but that's what gimmick-y products are for!
They swoop us up with their shiny promises and then sit in our bathroom closets half empty for a few years. Until next time spray nozzle XO.

Have you tired any spray on products??


  1. Hmm.. good to know they're not worth it. I have often wondered about that spray lotion before, but I too would think to myself, "won't I just have to rub it in anyway?"... tired fo all these beauty product gimmicks for sure!

  2. Good for you for being honest and getting the word out! There are so many blogs out there focusing on the "genius" it's hard to know how to dodge the true "gimmicks" I love that series title by the way. Keep them coming!