Monday, 7 September 2015

Let's talk about why I will never re subscribe to IPSY...

Never say never may be fine and dandy if you're Justin Bieber, but when you're annoyed and down money.. You go right ahead and say it girl.
Example: Why I'll never go back to IPSY!

Now there's the obvious reasons,

- like they constantly hype big brand name products then when your bag arrives you haven't got anything brand name or hyped about.

- and there's the shoddy quality items..

I really liked that blush and although IPSY said they would send me a replacement what they actually sent was a silver glitter nail polish and a ice pink lipstick, both of which have never been used.
Frosted pink is a hard lip color to pull off and glitter??
I don't have time to be removing glitter polish! no one has time for that.
I feel like IPSY has a bin full of lack luster product that they reach into and send out for replacements.

But beyond all that I've had to make some tough decisions lately..
We are in the process of moving back to Nova Scotia where the real estate market (although I don't know why.. where's the jobs??!) is booming. I had to tighten the purse strings and the first thing to get cut was the monthly beauty subs.

So I turn to the laptop.
Here is where I start to get annoyed..
IPSY does not make cancelling user friendly to put it mildly, when I finally find where I can cancel its in light grey (hidden) wording and keeps leading me up pop ups which are difficult to scroll through.
* I call my husband in to assist.

We get through a barricade of pop ups that are similar to..
"Are you sure you want to cancel?? Maybe adjust your profile colors or interests"
"If you cancel you will NOT be able to rejoin automatically, you'll have to wait it out on the waiting list! think again about cancelling!"

Finally we cancel and it says I will receive an email to confirm cancellation.
Ok my nightmare is over, free at last.

Welcome September 1st and IPSY charges my visa $223.44...
my head nearly exploded, I thought I was free!
Immediately I email IPSY, (email because you cannot call, there is only email)
again they offer "help" before sending my email..
"here's our FAQ's page, do you really need to send this email?"


The only positive thing I will say about them at this point is that they replied to my email promptly the same day when online it says give them 24-48 hours.
My email subject line was in all caps, I meant business.. hehe
See their reply below.

^ Highlighted pink:
I did, I did! Where's my money!!

 ^ Highlighted pink:
They try to be very clear upfront??? 
Well considering I can't remember what I had for lunch let alone when my subscription is up for renewal maybe a nice friendly, "Hey its been a year since you've subscribed, we're going to bill you for another year if you don't cancel by tomorrow" email would be even clearer.

^ Highlighed above: 
see photo below...

They refunded me but the dollar must've changed over 24 hours and I've been robbed $11.84!!
That's almost $12.00! I could use that $11.84 :(

^ Highlighted above:
NO. Just NO.

IPSY you have made cancelling so much effort its as if you're holding me hostage, you tried to threaten me by saying I will have to start all over again on the wait list, and then you stole $11.84 from me; ROBBED.

I understand when companies are just starting out they may try some of these tricks to keep customers around but IPSY is a massive business now. My inside knowledge at the post office says IPSY has trucks, upon trucks, upon trucks of glam bags being delivered every month. With the quality and promise of brand name product not meeting par, add in poor quality customer service and each monthly bag now costing close to $19 Canadian...
I just say good day to you IPSY.. I said GOOD DAY.

Sorry for the rambles
Let me know your IPSY thoughts below!


  1. Omg... it sucks that happened to you!!!! I haven't had any issues at all thank god.

  2. Wow that's terrible!! I haven't used ipsy (yet) but I've been thinking about trying it... maybe I'll think again! Thank you for sharing this though!
    Adriana - Daily Dose of Design

  3. Oh my goodness! What a horrible experience. For that kind of customer service alone, I will never try it. Thank you so much for the warning!

  4. I'm glad I read this! I was considering joining them but there's no way I will now!!

  5. Wow, this is terrible! I cancelled after 3 months since I still haven't used half of the products....I agree they make cancelling a total pain!

  6. Wow, that was a crazy cancellation. I cancelled my subscription because I realized that I'd use the products for a month and then move on. There are still some that I use, but most I've thrown out at this point since they were just collecting dust. I found it really easy to cancel and had no issues, so it's crazy to hear this story!

  7. Wow, this is horrible. I'm so sorry to hear of your bad experience. I've never subscribed to a monthly beauty box as I know it's not worth it for myself but I have heard about people not enjoying their products from ipsy.

    Glad you finally got out, and hopefully they will transfer you that $11.84... that's like 8 large coffees from Tim Horton's!

  8. Wow. You've just cemented what I previously thought about about them and why I've waivered in subscribing in the first place.

  9. Oh dang Holly, that sucks! I am so tired of poor customer service! And I always love when companies try to passively blame you. :/

  10. You tell em! Sorry that was such a hassle for you. Bad customer service on top of bad products is a pretty bad business formula. And then those passive threats too?? So annoying!

  11. I was really turned off by Ipsy in the first couple months. It's clear that there's barely any actual personalization and they repeat items. It was also obvious that they use a lot of free samples from companies, which you can get for free at Sephora or Ulta by asking (and they often give you more to sample)! Just not at all worth it. I do remember it being SO hard to cancel!

  12. I've been eyeing several beauty sub boxes and after this i'm definitely not leaning towards ipsy! i do love that they have little makeup bags every month though! (confession: i'm a hoarder and love cute bags) any recommendations?