Monday, 31 August 2015

Let's talk about homemade Play Doh!!

My friend April over at The Joyful Tribe blog posted this - Homemade Play Doh! recipe a few weeks ago and we finally had a free minute this weekend to whip it up; it did not disappoint!

I'd been wanting to make it for forever but I knew Elliott's first and only instinct would probably be to shove the entire thing in his mouth.. So I pushed it to a later date!
When we made it this weekend he still took a few bites but there was much fun and smooshing before he realized he could eat it.  hehe

Since this is April's masterpiece and she's my blog buddy I'm going to make you click her link for the measurements but I will post photos of our ingredients and tweaks below :)

First step get naked and hyped up!
(Nakedness optional)

Boil water and oil.

Combine in bowl dry ingredients.

Bring oil/water to rapid boil and pour into dry bowl.

Mix up wet and dry while your Sous-chef is "helping" by removing bowls from the cupboard...

This is where my recipe was tweaked
April used kool aid packets but I didn't have any on hand,
I did have neon food colour and it worked perfect!

Make sure you put 3-4 drops in the center of the doh ball and wrap it or you will have perma dyed hands! Knead the dough with your palm until smooth.

Cute little easter eggs! ^

We put down a dollar store table cloth so I wouldn't be picking Doh out of the floor cracks from here until eternity... Serious life saver!

Then play time!!


YAyyyyy! Fun for all!


  1. Looks awesome! It looks like Elliot enjoyed it too! I'll have to whip some up once Frankie starts school and I have some one on one time with Emilia! I know she'd love smooshing it in her little hands! Plus knowing it doesn't have anything unsafe in it I won't freak out if (WHEN) she decides to taste it!

    1. Omgosh she will be so cute, you have to take photos!! I knew there was no point in fighting it, he was going to eat it regardless! It must taste horrible though, it's all flour and salt, babies really will eat anything!! Lol

  2. LOL, good to know the nakedness is optional, glad you said that, otherwise it would have gotten really interesting over here...
    I have been seeing this homemade play dough on everyone's blog and IG feed lately, and I keep thinking how fun all you moms are. I should really make some for my kiddos, they'd have a blast!

    1. Hahaha totally optional! we try to keep clothes to a minimum whenever there's potential for big or sticky messes, also running a bath in advance is helpful ;)
      Seriously though this was so fun! And easy peasy you have to try it :)

  3. I usually put some cinnamon to mine for a nice added scent, the kids at work love it. Always a bonus to have some on hand as it is a great distraction.

    1. That is brilliant!! Definitely adding that to our next batch, and even if he makes a huge mess the house will smell delicious like I've been baking! -without the effort of baking! Hahah

  4. This is so fun and it looks like he thoroughly enjoyed himself! Yay! Thank you so much for the mention sweet mama! Many hugs! Xo!