Thursday, 24 September 2015

Day 2: one dress, three styles..

I'm going to confess..
I have a security blanket
and its a pretty obvious one, if you scroll my Instagram you would most likely pick it out in 3 seconds flat.

Straight up, its the denim.

I don't love my arms.
They're always the same! no definition, un-toned, a little chubby. 
I mean they're alright, I'll live.
But give me the option and I will cover them up. 

In walks the jean jacket...

I remember when I got my first adult jean jacket
It was 2006
I remember it so vividly because Nick and I had just started dating.
Imagine I found the two great loves of my life in the same year! 
(loling, can you lol at yourself without it being too weird ??)

Anyway it was 2006..
I was at the gap and a light wash denim jacket caught my eye.
Its a classic, real denim (no stretch! which unfortunately can be a PAIN when you put on a few extra pounds and can't fit my your arms in the sleeves.. luckily I'm a yo yo weight gain/loser)

I still wear that jacket and I've added a few more to the collection:
Dark denim, Joe Fresh
Denim with studs, Material Girl 
White denim, Gap (white not available this time of year but they have black, I need it!)
Floral denim, Jessica Simpson 
Of course where it all began, Similar to this light denim via gap

SO for day 2 of my eShakti dress wearing I went with my basic everyday outfit.
Statement necklace (winners), denim and flip flops

This was my summer uniform! 
I wore maxi dresses with a denim ALL SUMMER LONG. 

no matching, no pairing, no thinking.
One and done!
Well two, the dress and the jacket but I consider my denim an extension of myself ;)

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  1. I love this look Holly. I keep wanting to buy a denim jacket, but can you wear it with jeans? I pretty much wear those 85% of the time and I'm afraid I'll look like I just stepped out of the early 90's with all that denim? But then I see other people who totally pull it off, so I dunno.