Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Three looks one dress, my eShakti experience..

I am no Stacy London, (I wish! imagine her closet, I bet its the size of my house) 
but I do love fashion. 
I've had some major what not to wear moments here and there but recently I feel like I've found a more "me" way of dressing and its been working.. I think. 

When offered to send me a custom dress, I was like YES.

I had never had a custom dress before.. well maybe my wedding dress but even that didn't fit as well as my eshakti dress! The process was so simple, just go to their website pick out beautiful clothes and walk through the custom steps. 

Want a higher neckline? check
Angelina slit? check
Proper length because everything is 10 feet too long on you? double check 

Those are just examples, they really can do almost any alterations you want.
It is all very cool!

I ordered my dress so quickly I was worried I had done something wrong, it just seemed too easy.. but badda bing, badda boom it arrived and its perfect. 

The dress is beautifully made, right away I knew it was something I would wear to a wedding or more formal event but I also knew that my wedding season was pretty much over and done with so when ordering I picked a pattern that was a bit more casual, that way I could get a lot more wear out of it moving into the cooler months.

I had a bit too much fun playing around with accessories so I decided to split this post up into 3 parts. Today is day one: the more formal event eshakti look, see below!

Garden party? (I've never actually attended one of these but it sounds fun! hah)
Tea luncheon?
A wedding? 
I paired my dress with a bit more jewelry, a higher wedge sandal and a little clutch.

Yes the dress has pockets!! (praise hands emoji)

Carrying a clutch just formals up any outfit, no?

This look was honestly the easiest thing I've ever put together!
The dress has enough design that I just wanted the jewelry to add a bit of shine but not over power it.
So classic silver it is!

Necklace is Lia Sophia
and is super cool because its 3 strands but there's little clasps holding them together so you can dial down the chuckiness of it and just wear one strand or two if the mood strikes!

Bracelet is a Winners find
you know winners, fab stuff low price

Clutch is vintage, my grandmothers
it has a slight musty smell when you open it and she left a little compact mirror in it that's now gone foggy but those details just make me love it even more.

Tomorrow a more casual way to wear the dress, stay tuned!


  1. I have been reached out to by them as well, over the weekend and I've just been too busy to choose since then, and with working all last weekend. I had to ask a few people if it was as easy as it seemed and it feels like there's a catch but I'm surprised, there's not. I love the customization you can do. I don't even know what an Angelina split is but I'm going to look now. Lol.
    The dress fits you very well, like a glove but you don't look uncomfortable. Very pretty my dear. I can't wait to see the other looks.


  2. Oh my gosh, that sounds like so much fun. You look great, and how sweet is it that you have your grandmother's clutch? I love sentimental touches like that.

  3. I have been wanting to order form them for awhile, I've been telling myself I'll treat myself when I lose the baby weight this time. :) And I agree, a clutch dresses up any outfit, why is that?! Love the pattern and style you picked out!