Thursday, 8 October 2015

Let's talk about Mr. Bubble..

A memory is worth a thousand words bubbles..

A bubble bath is where it's at!
Am I right?!

For as long as I can remember I've been a bath person, I love the soaking, lounging, lazing.. 
Recently I was reminded of my favorite childhood baths when a Mr. Bubble the fragrance showed up on the doorstep. And wow, it was a shock to my scent system! it smells exactly like I remember, I didn't even remember I remembered until I smelt it, it is identical to the bubble bath scent.

I think it was my grandmother who started my bubble bath addiction/collection.
Every holiday she topped up my stash of bathroom favorites.
I specifically remember having a mean collection of Mr. Bubble and Avon baby powders, believe it or not I honestly have a few baby powders left over from then, many, many moons ago (think 1980's I checked the label.. crazy or aww nostalgic??). Unfortunately the bath foams from that time are long gone, I loved using them too much to save but dang why didn't I save a bottle of Mr. Bubble OG!

Back to the fragrance version..
It is fruity and addictive, they say it's a.. 

"Sharp, fruity concoction, with notes of coconut, banana and peach, with a floral center of jasmine and rose, and a balsamic vanilla and powdery raspberry base."

That may sound like a mouthful but trust me it's just enough, a unique blend, maybe not for an everyday mild scent but a special occasion scent for sure.
Personally I think this would be an adorable gift for a pre-teen or done up in a throwback basket for a girlfriend!! How cute would a bottle of this be paired with some hubba bubba and a slap braclet?!!? 
Next time you're stumped for a B-day gift skip the redundant candle and do a throwback basket! 
I've clearly passed down the bath loving gene to my son, this kid is a bubble bath destroyer.
He goes through bottles of bubbles like they're going out of style, see pics below! 

         ^ He's never met a bubble he didn't like!

    ^ "Please can I play 5 more minutes??" 

You can pick up the Mr. Bubble fragrance at, they have tons of other cool scents as well. I was just browsing their site and came across this Zombie fragrance duo, I'm sorry; but how weird/wicked is that?! Now I want to know what a zombie smells like! 

Thanks to my ladies at Canadian Beauty Blogger network, they always know how to sniff out the special beauty must haves! (sniff... ha ha ha hadee hahahah)

* The Mr. Bubble scent was sent for my review but all bath stories and thoughts on the product are my own ;)

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  1. I, also, am a bubble bath lover! I feel like there are so few of us these days...
    And I've seen that fragrance (I can't remember where, maybe online somewhere??) and I wondered if it was any good, so thanks for sharing your thoughts Holly! I love scents that trigger memories. :)

  2. Demeter is doing such an awesome job in making the scents exactly like the " real thing". I love bubble baths. As soon as the weather turns cooler, I am all for it.