Friday, 31 July 2015

Let's talk about THEFACESHOP..

I have been wanting to post about these skin care products for a long time and yet I've left it to the
very last possible second.
but there is good reasoning behind it..

Have I ever mentioned that I am slightly, crazy competitive..??
Surprise, I am!
And unknowing to them, I entered in a bit of a faceoff with THEFACESHOP.
In my mind I had challenged the below products to a use all duel.
Dun da da dunnnnnn.

I love using products up before reviewing, it makes me feel like I've accomplished something - Yay me! (Minus lipsticks, I don't think anyone has ever actually finished a whole lipstick. It's the urban legend of the beauty world)

Alas it's due time, I have to report... THEFACESHOP beat me.
They won this round, hands down.

 I didn't even come close to finishing the products; after using twice a day for 3 weeks!
That's major value when you take a peek at these prices.

 CHIA SEED cleansing foam

I was caught off guard by how much I loved the cleansing foam, you've seen one foam you've seen them all right?
Wrong, the CHIA SEED was a pearly, foamy deep cleansing dream.
It was non drying, non oily just a lovely fresh feeling clean.
I will continue to use it long after this bloggy has been posted.
*because I love it and because its the never ending product, sorcery!


LOVE the spray bottle!
I am the worlds biggest toner slacker but the spray-ability makes toning so convenient. 
I applied it to my face and neck daily the mist was fine and soft; a really refreshing feeling and none of the cotton pad hassle.
Serious praise, this one may turn me over to the toned side!

CHIA SEED moisturizer

I can be sensitive to moisturizers but the chia seed was very complimentary to my skin.
Really comfortable for both day and night; I would slather it on thick in the evenings and spread a thin layer on pre makeup in the morning.
It left my skin hydrated, soft and clear.

P.S - can we mention the packaging?!!
Really sturdy and definitely display worthy, that heart tab; swoon!

I was really pleased with THEFACESHOP results, & the prices are on point!
They do offer free shipping for orders over $60 or if you're in any of these areas you can check out the products in store. Only beef I don't see any east coast Canada spots on that list, you know where to head next THEFACESHOP ;)

For a little peek into what I'm using currently, including THEFACESHOP products see video:

Have you ever tried THEFACESHOP???
You may have got some products in your Topbox a couple of months ago, that's how we were first introduced.
Happy weekend!! XOXO

* Products were sent to me for review. Real results, real thoughts.


  1. I love when I get a product that seems to never run out!! Sorcery, lol! :D And I am quite intrigued by the chia seed cleansing foam. Actually, the idea of using chia seed in any beauty product is interesting to me.

  2. Your right, the packaging is sweet. Simple/classic and totally display worthy! I'm a toner slacker too but love spray bottle versions because I HATE seeing my products wasted on a cotton pad. I use the Caudlie elixir because it's a spritze.
    The cleanser sounds interesting! Might have to buy after using up the other 35621334 face washes I own.

  3. Spritzy toners ftw! I tried the calming seed range and I'm looking forward to trying more, I'm so impressed by the quality of the products!