Saturday, 11 July 2015

Let's talk about throwbacks..

What anniversary do you celebrate?? 
Anniversary of dating?
Getting engaged?? 

Nick and I have been dating for 9 years this month! 9 years together, out of 28 years of living! (Maybe not always happily together.. Kidding ;)) 
We've only been married for 2 years (next month) so the dating anniversary always feels big. 

In honour of big anniversaries, please enjoy this throwback photo montage.. 

The ever changing hair.. 


(Not always in cronological order, I get caught up looking at throwback photos and couldn't pick just a few to post! The closer to the end, the more accurate the timeline :))

(I know this may be boring but who can resist judging people's throwback looks.. I don't care if you're a stranger on the street show me a throwback vs current day picture collage and I'm investigating the photos like we've known each other our whole lives loll) 


  1. awww such cuties. my boyfriend and i have been dating for over 6 years haha and not married yet so i appreciate stories like this ;) he hates having his photo taken though but i really need to make it happen more often so that we have something to look back on !

  2. Great photos! Thanks for sharing with us!! :) love looking at oldies. It's fun to reminisce.

    We celebrate our dating anniversary and wedding. We've been together for over 13 years and married for 7 so why not celebrate?!

    I love the pic of you guys wearing the funny glasses. And your wedding dress is gorgeous girl, love the one arm/shoulder look of it.


  3. Lovely family specially your baby is so cute
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  4. I love old pictures! You two are the cutest! Of course you are both overshadowed when Elliot arrives lol! Mike and I have been together for 9 years too! (Married for 7). It seems like such a long time when you actually sit and think about it, but it flys by sooo fast!

  5. Great photos, and looks like wonderful memories. Why not celebrate all anniversaries/occasions. Life is just to damn short to not memorialize events. I keep a list on my phone of funny things we do or say and love bringing them up randomly. Kind of my way to capture the moment.

  6. Aww, Holly, you guys are so stinking adorable! Together (dating and married) for 9 years!! Congratulations to you guys. :) You just made me realize that my husband and I met 9 years ago this August. :)

  7. This is such a CUTE compilation of pictures! Congrats on your anniversary!